The Leura Garage is one of the initiators and key partners of the Zero Waste Leura program. The other partners are the Institute of Sustainable Futures, the NSW Environmental Protection Authority, Leura Village Association and Blue Mountains City Council. The aim of Zero Waste Leura is to help other businesses avoid food waste.

 As a long term proponent of sustainability and waste reduction, Leura Garage had already undertaken extensive work to reduce waste. This started with a Bin Trim audit which identified the opportunities for food waste separation and provided a 50% grant for the installation of a dehydrator. Bin Trim can be accessed for free as part of the Zero Waste Leura program. 

As one of the leading businesses in the program, they have been surprised to find easy and practical ways to reduce food waste through the Leura Zero Waste project. These include new storage solutions to maximise product life, optimised portion sizes to reduce plate waste and changes to the way in which vegetables are prepared vegetable preparations to enable them to be dehydrated. 

Leura First Village in OZ to Eliminate Restaurant Food Waste from Landfill?