The Carrington has recently taken advantage of the Coronavirus pandemic to examine their waste management practices. This has seen increased separation of waste streams and has led to a 70% reduction in their waste costs.

Some of the simple steps they have taken include separating and recycling polystyrene and cardboard at the Katoomba Resource Recovery and Waste Management Facility. Through Zero Waste Leura’s ‘Your Business is Food’ program they have also undertaken an initial waste audit and are implementing new ways to avoid, separate and recycle their waste streams. 

As a business which generates multiple areas of waste  from locations such as   restaurants, hotel rooms and gardens, The Carrington is looking into a range of different solutions to tackle each area of waste generation. Some examples currently being investigated are new trolleys to enable better separation of waste from hotel rooms and compost bins to process their food and green waste. The compost provides a great opportunity to use ‘waste’ to create valuable compost for use in the gardens. 

Having seen the benefits of taking action to reduce waste the Carrington co-owner, Mark Jarvis, said “taking part in Zero Waste Leura was a no-brainer. Reducing waste and saving money.. why wouldn’t you sign up?”.