The Zero Waste Leura project is a NSW Love Food Hate Waste (LFHW) Partnership project, funded by the NSW waste levy. This project is to work with Blue Mountains businesses to avoid food waste, increase profitability and reduce their environmental impact. The Zero Waste Leura Project is a partnership between Leura Garage, Leura Village Association, Blue Mountains City Council, the Institute for Sustainable Futures and the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA), which aims to achieve ‘zero-food waste’ in Leura and beyond! 

The project will be using the LFHW Your Business is Food (YBIF)  program to help food businesses cut their operational cost by knowing where the food waste comes from, a 1-7 days food waste review and implementing a tailor-made plan for businesses to increase their profit by preventing unnecessary waste. Businesses will also be given access to a range of free resources to promote and support their food waste avoidance journey.

There will be a series of events and promotions associated with the project to showcase businesses’ success, including a documentary about the process to identify the case study of Leura for other villages to follow. 

Why should businesses sign up to ‘zero-waste’ Leura?

  • Free and customised support to prevent food waste
  • Cut operational cost and improve business performance
  • Free access to a range of support materials
  • Improve and promote your environmental credentials in the community
  • Benefit from the range of promotions that will be happening throughout the project

Together, we can minimise food waste sent to landfill and greenhouse gas emissions. Help make our local business community ‘zero waste’!

To start delivering these benefits for your business, sign up to ‘Zero waste Leura’ here or contact or