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Other General Rating Information

Postponed Rates: If you live in a single dwelling on land that could be subdivided or developed, the rateable value of your land may be greater than the average for a single dwelling. If this is the case, you may be able to postpone payment of part of your rates. Please call the Council's Revenue Section on (02)4780 5000 for further information and an application form.

Categorisation: The Local Government Act 1993 requires all land to be categorised according to its use. The four categories are Farmland, Residential, Business and Mining. If you disagree with the category, or the use of the land has changed, please contact the Council’s Revenue section immediately. Staff will advise you on how the category may be reviewed, or how to lodge an appeal.

Mixed Development: A property may qualify for rating as Mixed Development under Section 518B of the Local Government Act 1993 if it is used for both Residential and Business purposes. The owner of the property must apply to the Valuer General for a "Mixed Development" valuation.

Non-Rateable Properties: A property may be non-rateable if it belongs to, and is used in relation to the activities carried out by, churches, schools, public hospitals, charities or public institutions or as otherwise provided for in Sections 555 and 556 of the Local Government Act 1993.

Valuer General: The Department of Lands, NSW is responsible for determining land values on behalf of the Valuer General.

If you wish to find out more, visit the Department of Lands website: 


Rating Terminology

Assessment: The rates and charges applied to an individual, rateable parcel of land.

Ad Valorem: 'In proportion to the value'. In rating, the ad valorem amount is calculated as the number of cents charged for every dollar of unimproved land value.

Arrears: Amounts not paid by the due dates which are carried over to the next payment period. Delayed payment attracts a daily interest charge calculated at the rate of 7.5% per annum.

Minimum rate: The minimum amount of rates payable on any assessment. Minimum rates are applicable when the value of the property, once multiplied by the ad valorem amount, ends up being less than or equal to the actual minimum charge.