Blue Mountains City Council


Land Valuations and Revaluations

Notice of Valuations for Blue Mountains
A total of 36,714 Notices of Valuation will be issued to landholders in the Blue Mountains local government area (LGA) showing the land value of a property based on property market conditions as at 1 July 2016.
Land values are one factor considered by councils when determining rates. The Notice of Valuation gives landholders the opportunity to consider their land value before it is used by Council. Land values are fixed for rating until new values are issued, which usually occurs every three to four years.
Land values in NSW are determined under the Valuation of Land Act 1916. Landholders wanting to know more about their land value or the valuation system can call 1800 110 038 or visit the Valuer General’s website at


The 2017-2018 rates have been levied based on land valuations issued by the NSW Department of Lands (Valuer General) in January 2017 (Base Date 1 July 2016).

Revaluations are required by legislation and are received by the Council every three to four years.

The Valuer General determines the value of unimproved land (ie. land only, with no dwellings, buildings or other improvements) by investigating the sale prices of similar parcels of land in each area, taking into account the zoning of the land, its subdivision potential and the location, topography or landscape of the area.

NOTE: If you believe that the value of your land has been calculated incorrectly, an application for review can be made to the office of the Valuer General, Department of Lands on 1800 110 038. All objections must be made on the approved Department of Lands form within 60 days of receiving the valuation advice.



Rating Terminology

Assessment: The rates and charges applied to an individual, rateable parcel of land.
Ad Valorem: 'In proportion to the value'. In rating, the ad valorem amount is calculated as the number of cents charged for every dollar of unimproved land value.
Arrears: Amounts not paid by the due dates which are carried over to the next payment period. Delayed payment attracts a daily interest charge calculated at the rate of 7.5% per annum.
Minimum rate: The minimum amount of rates payable on any assessment. Minimum rates are applicable when the value of the property, once multiplied by the ad valorem amount, ends up being less than or equal to the actual minimum charge.