Blue Mountains City Council



Arrangements to Pay

The Council recognises that at times some people may have difficulty paying their rates.

While the Council is not permitted under the Local Government Act 1993 to waive rates, it may agree to enter into an arrangement whereby outstanding rates are covered by periodic payments.

For Residential and Farmland ratepayers who experience permanent financial hardship, the Council’s Hardship Relief Policy may also provide rate relief. A copy of the Council’s Hardship Policy can viewed by clicking here.

To find out more, please contact the Council’s Revenue Section on (02)4780 5000 to discuss this in depth and to request the relevant application form.

Ratepayers are also encouraged to pay their rates by weekly, fortnightly or monthly contributions as a way of budgeting. Average rates charges can be budgeted for by paying a set amount per week, per fortnight or per month, eliminating a large quarterly charge.

Periodical payments can be arranged through Council via a direct debit authority (download the Rates Direct Debit Form at right). This is Council’s preferred method of payment as it is easy for ratepayers and is the cheapest payment method for the Council to administer. Similar arrangements can also be made with most financial institutions or by using BPay. For more information, please call the Council’s Revenue section on (02)4780 5000.