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Blue Mountains City Council's Procurement

Blue Mountains City Council (BMCC) conducts its procurement in an honest, competitive and transparent manner. Goods and services are evaluated on the basis of the following:
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Environmental and social performance of the goods and services,
  • Local economic benefits,
  • Past supplier experience,
  • Ability of the goods or services to meet the required specifications
  • Ability to deliver the required goods within a set timeframe and the
  • Quality of the goods/service.
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) includes considerations such as ongoing maintenance charges, de-installation costs, inputs operation of a product in terms of energy, water, paper, toner, chemicals, software etc., and, importantly, the cost of environmentally responsible disposal at end of life.
By taking into account the social and environmental performance of all goods and services procured BMCC strives to ensure that all its procurement results in the best possible outcomes for the community and the environment in accordance with the community strategic plan, Sustainable Blue Mountains 2025.
In alignment with Sustainable Blue Mountains 2025, which aims to build a healthy vibrant local economy, BMCC encourages the procurement of goods, services and works with the City of the Blue Mountains. Local providers are given equal opportunity to quote and tender. Where a local provider can match or better other providers on price, quality and availability, preference is given to the local provider.
Council advertises its tenders and quotes on the Public Notices/Exhibitions page on this website, in the local gazette, Sydney Morning Herald, and on the Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (WSROC) e Tendering site CLICK HERE. Organisations can also register on the WSROC e tendering site as suppliers of various goods and services to Council, so when a request for tender or quote is made public, they are notified.
Requests for Expressions of Interest are also periodically advertised in the local Blue Mountains Gazette and/or Sydney Morning Herald giving suppliers the opportunity to register directly with Blue Mountains City Council. 

Council, in recognition of the need to continue to improve our sustainability practices, has adopted a Sustainable Procurement Policy which is available as a download at right side.

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