Blue Mountains City Council


Scientific Research, Fauna and Flora Studies and the Collection of Plants or Seed Permits

The collection plant or animal parts or individuals, and/or the non-passive study of biodiversity is not allowed on Council managed lands without a permit issued by Council.

Council will where there is a demonstrated benefit to the community, improvement in management practices or conservation of biodiversity, permit the use of its reserves for scientific research, biodiversity studies, and the sustainable collection of plants and seed for research, taxonomy or propogation associated with local bush regeneration. The collection of dead or fallen timber, boles from live trees or bushrock is not permitted.

Council operates the permit system to regulate these activities to ensure that only appropriate and sustainable scientific investigation is undertaken and that such activities are compliant with both State and Commonwealth legislation. For further information about undertaking research, studies or collections on Council managed lands or to apply for permit, contact Matthew Chambers on (02) 4780 5694.