Blue Mountains City Council



Cemeteries Conservation Management Plans

The cemeteries of the Blue Mountains are important in containing valuable records of the history and growth of the region. The monuments within cemeteries often reflect the status and aspirations of individuals.

Often, a cemetery is the most tangible record of an individual's life and association with a place and thus acquires a special and often very personal significance. Some of the monuments have importance for their technical and creative accomplishment.

On 3 December 2002, Council adopted the Blue Mountains Cemeteries Conservation Management Plan (CCMP) which provide a strategic direction for the management and conservation of cemeteries in the Blue Mountains. The Plans examine the nine cemeteries in the Blue Mountains and provide a physical summary, historical summary, assessment of significance and recommended conservation policies for each cemetery.

Council also has general information about the nine cemeteries within the Blue Mountains under their care and control, as well as a Cemetery Register accessing recorded burial information.