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Policies, Plans and Strategies

The Council has an extensive range of policies, plans, strategies, reports, guides and other formal documents which are alphabetically listed below, with a brief description. For long-term plans and strategic documents please go to Integrated Planning and Reporting.

  • Policies describe the Council's position and approach to a particular matter - that is, what the Council will and will not do - and may include procedures that will be followed.
  • Protocols are an internal guidance document for Council Officers. Any protocols that are contained within have been proactively released under the GIPA Act 2009 in order to assist the general public with understanding aspects of Council procedures.
  • Plans and strategies provide a forward plan to achieve certain outcomes in a particular area - they articulate what we want to achieve and how we will get there and often include objectives, success measures and action plans.
  • Guides / guidelines are developed to assist residents to meet Council requirements or regulations.
  • Reports are prepared by Council to provide information about the progress the Council has made, the results achieved or the status of particular matters.

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If you can not find a particular policy, plan, strategy, guide or report telephone Council on (02) 4780 5000. Report any broken links to Council's Web Administrator.

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  • Aboriginal Cultural Protocols Policy: This Policy has been developed to provide guidance to Councillors and Council Officers. The Policy and Protocols outline some important Aboriginal Cultural Protocols and were developed as a guide for the Council to develop a better understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, heritage and community. Download at right.
  • Accepting Gifts of Art to the City: This policy outlines a framework for accepting gifts/donations of works of art into Council's Art Collection. This document also provides policy for de-accessioning artworks owned by Council. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that gifts to the City are accepted with due process with consultation of the Arts Acquisition Panel. Download at right.
  • Access and Equity: This policy comprises of three key Statements relating to the commitment of Blue Mountains City Council to achieving access and equity in service provision. These Statements have been adopted by Council to guide and coordinate organisational access and equity work. Click here for more information and to download.
  • Access to Information: To facilitate the timely access to Council documents by members of the public. Click here for more information and to download.
  • Ageing Strategy: The Blue Mountains has a population that is older and ageing faster than the NSW average. More people are living longer than ever and people aged 65 or more are a significant and growing sector of our community. Supporting older residents to continue to lead active and independent lives does not simply deliver financial benefits but enriches the social and cultural fabric of the community.  his Strategy has been developed through consultations with older residents and services across the Blue Mountains. The Strategy and action plan outlines the challenges of a growing ageing population and Council’s commitment to supporting and developing an age-friendly city for current and future generations of older people. The document can be downloaded here. For further information please contact Prue Hardgrove, Councils Aged and Disability Services Development Officer 4780 5000
    Annual Report: Provides the results of Council's operations over the last 12 months. Council has delivered a wide range of services to the community and has made significant progress with a number of major projects. Click here for more information and to download.
  • Asbestos Guide: Refer to Safe Work NSW for more information on Asbestos here. For the Fact Sheet on Asbestos - Download at right.
  • Asset Management Policy: This Policy sets the broad framework for undertaking asset management in a structured and coordinated way. It outlines why and how asset management will be undertaken. It provides a clear direction for asset management and defines key principles that underpin asset management for the Council. Download at right.
  • Audit Committee Charter: The objective of the Audit Committee is to provide independent assurance and assistance to the Council on risk management, control, governance, and external accountability responsibilities. Download at right.
  • Aquatic Facility Audit - Katoomba Outdoor Facilities  Download at right or click here to go to the Blue Mountains Have Your Say - Open Space and Recreation Strategic Plan project page.


  • BBQs and Fires on Council Property Guide: No fires, cooking or otherwise should be lit unless in a properly constructed and permanent fireplace. Some Council reserves may ban the lighting of any type of fire at any time of the year. In these situations, signs are displayed at the entry point to the reserve. Download at right.
  • Better Living Development Control Plan: This Development Control Plan provides practical information aimed at encouraging development that retains and enhances the remarkable character of the Blue Mountains. It is part of a suite of documents that form a blue print towards a more sustainable future. It contains all the relevant issues, design principles, performance criteria and standards for development. Click here for more information and to download.
  • Blackheath Pool Structural Report on Leisure and Wading Pools - Geoff Ninnes Fong & Partners. Download at right or click here to go to the Blue Mountains Have Your Say - Open Space and Recreation Strategic Plan project page.
  • Blue Mountains Bike Plan 2020: Vision of the Plan is to create safe and accessible pathways of travel that improves our connections with our destinations and each other and encourages people of all ages to use their bicycles for everyday transportation and enjoyment. Download at right. For more information on Cycling in the Blue Mountains Click here  


  • Cemeteries Conservation Management Plans: These Plan provide a strategic direction for the management and conservation of cemeteries in the Blue Mountains. Click here for more information and to download.
  •  Cemeteries Policy
    The Cemeteries Policy addresses issues such as efficient and sustainable management, safety and provision of greater clarity for users of Blue Mountain City Council’s cemeteries. Parts 2, 3 and 4 of the Cemeteries Policy guide the management of Council Cemeteries and Part 1 will become effective when the Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 2013 is formally proclaimed.
    The Council resolved to adopt a Cemeteries Policy at the Ordinary Meeting of 25 March 2014. For detailed information on this report and resolution, please go to the following link on our website: /yourcouncil/councilmeetings/2014meetings/25march2014Download at right
  • Charter: Provided as required by the Local Government Act. Click here for more information and to download.
  • City Wide Car Parking Strategy – Priority Sites: This strategy provides current parking data in key locations across the Blue Mountains and recommends strategies to address short term issues and needs within a long term framework of moving towards a more equitable, accessible and sustainable parking outcome for the whole community. Download at right
  • Climate Change Risk Assessment Report: The Report includes a climate change overview, a prioritised list of climate change risks, discussion of the risks and recommended steps in moving forward to adaptation. Click here for more information and to download.
  • Code of Conduct Part 1: Council staff, Councillors and Committee members and representatives of Council must adhere to the Blue Mountains City Council Code of Conduct guidelines. Download at right.
  • Code of Conduct Part 2: Procedures for the Administration of the Code of Conduct. Download at right.
  • Code of Meeting Practice: The object of this Code is to provide for the convening and conduct of meetings of Blue Mountains City Council and of Committees of the Council. Download at HERE.
  • Community Consultation Policy: The Consultation Policy and Matrix aim to guide staff on when and how they should consult with the community. Click here for more information and to download.
  • Community Gardens Policy: Community gardens are gardens created and maintained on public or private land by people who come together to learn about, participate in and share the rewards of gardening activities. Community gardens provide a place for healthy recreation, environmental education and creative endeavours of all kinds. Download at right.
  • Community Land Management: Community Land is one type of Council public land. Land that Council owns must be classified, under the Local Government Act, as either "community" or "operational" land. Click here for more information and to download.
  • Community Survey Report: The report presents the results of the Community Survey, with comparison to the previous surveys conducted. The survey is conducted to monitor resident satisfaction with Council performance. Click here for more information and to download.
  • Companion Animals Management Plan 2014-2017: The development of the Companion Animals Management Plan reflects, in part, the fact that Council's role in animal management, which once was simply administrative and regulatory, has changed in keeping with community attitudes and expectations towards a more holistic approach to animal management. Download at right.
  • Use of Community Buildings Policy: Community buildings are in Council ownership and Council manages these buildings on behalf of, and in trust for, the community. Download at right.
  • Consent to Photograph Policy: Guidelines and procedures regarding the taking and use of photographic images and audio recordings of both adults and children for the purpose of Council's projects, promotion and publicity and associated consent requirements. Download at right.
  • Contaminated and Potentially Contaminated Land Policy: The primary focus of this policy is to enable the issue of land contamination to be identified at the earliest possible stage and to ensure that land is developed or used only after all appropriate environmental and community health investigations have been satisfactorily completed. Download at right.
  • Councillor Facilities and Expenses Policy: The purpose of this policy is to ensure there is accountability and transparency in the reimbursement of expenses incurred or to be incurred by councillors. Download at right.
  • Cultural Strategy: This strategy identifies cultural strengths and advantages of the Blue Mountains, along with aspirations of the local community and visitors. Click here for more information and to download.


  • Death of a Dignitary of the Council or City: This policy is to provide guidance on the acknowledgement, in the circumstance of the death, of a Serving Federal or State Member; Serving Councillor; Former Councillor; Freeman of the City; Serving General Manager; Former General Manager; and Local dignitary as determined by the Mayor or General Manager. Download at right.
  • Delivery Program: The Delivery Program and Operational Plan are about the Council's services it will provide and the specific actions that will be implemented for each service in the financial year. The Delivery Program Incorporating the Operational Plan includes the Capital Works Program as well as the annual Budgets, Rates and Charges and the Fees and Charges. Click here for more information and to download.
  • Destination Management Plan: The Blue Mountains Destination Management Plan is a guide for all stakeholders (including private sector and the tourism industry) to enable them to invest, market and promote a region as a destination with the aim of increasing overnight visitor expenditure, a NSW Government goal. Click link above or download at right.
  • Detached Studios: The BMCC guideline for acceptable facilities within detached studios is designed to clarify and ensure consistency in Council’s position on the facilities considered to be acceptable within detached studios, before separate occupancy is deemed to occur. Download at right.
  • Development Control Plans: Council has a number of Development Control Plans (DCPs), some providing guidelines for a type of development or activity, and some applying to specific localities. Click here for more information and to download.
  • Dirt Bike Strategy: A strategy for the management of unauthorised trail construction for dirt jump riding. Download at right.
  • Disability Inclusion Action Plan: This four year plan will help assist Council to work towards creating an inclusive community that is respectful and accessible to everyone, providing equal opportunities for all our residents regardless of their abilities. Click here for more information.


  • East Timor Friendship Agreement: This agreement between Blue Mountains City Council and Hato Builico was signed on November 2007. Click here for more information and to download.
  • Echo Point Lookout: Approvals Processes for Events and Activities: download here.
  • Energy and Water Strategy: The Strategy includes performance targets for energy and water reductions and is underpinned by an Energy and Water Management System. Download at right.
  • Enforcement Policy: This policy aims to establish clear guidelines for the exercise of discretion in dealing with proactive regulatory action by the Council and customer service requests or complaints about unlawful activity. Download at right.
  • Equal Employment Opportunity: Council is committed to a policy of equal employment opportunity, fair treatment and non-discrimination for all existing and future employees. Download at right.


  • Flora and Fauna Assessment Guidelines: The Guidelines is a checklist to assist in the preparation of an environmental assessment for a proposed development. The relevant clauses under the Local Environmental Plan needs to be considered with respect to flora and fauna protection and management. The assessment must be undertaken by persons with experience and hold qualifications in the survey and assessment of flora and fauna. Click here for more information and to download.
  • Fraud and Corruption Prevention Policy: Download at right
  • Freeman of the City Award Policy: The objectives of this policy are to provide governance for selecting individuals within the local government area for nomination as a Freeman of the City. Download at right


  • Gifts and Benefits Policy: This Policy supplements the Code of Conduct to help guide behaviour regarding the appropriate treatment of gifts and benefits. Download at right.
  • Guide to the Application Process – LEP 2005 and 1991: Building in the Blue Mountains can be a complex process. This guide will take you through the approval process associated with developing land in the Blue Mountains. Download at right.
  • Graffiti Management Plan
  • Great Blue Mountains Trail (GBMT) Feasibility Assessment: The Feasibility Assessment provides a variety of pedestrian and cyclist opportunities to travel through the scenic natural areas and heritage townships of the Blue Mountains. The GBMT will include a main ridgeline trail from Wentworth Falls to Mt Victoria with links to the Anderson and Ingar and the Oaks fire trails to the east, and Lithgow and Oberon Trail networks to the west. The trail will also link with recreational trails along the way including Six Foot Track, Narrowneck, Porters Pass, and major tourist attractions such as Echo Point and Scenic World in Katoomba, Govetts Leap and Evans Lookout in Blackheath, the Mt York historic roads precinct and Mt Victoria Museum. Ultimately, the trail will provide a regional cross mountains trail. It will be accessible from townships and railway stations across the City. The State Government considers the Great Blue Mountains Trail as a priority trail project due to its importance to the regional and local cycling and walking network. The focus of this study is around the establishment of a crucial link for the Great Blue Mountains Trail from Leura Mall to Mount York. Download at right.  


  • Healthy and Sustainable Food Choices Guidelines: Blue Mountains City Council recognises the importance of healthy and sustainable food to the health and wellbeing of our community and our environment. To this end, the Council in conjunction with Sydney West Area Health Service, developed the ‘Healthy and Sustainable Food Choices Guidelines’. Download at right.
  • Heritage Guide: This guide seeks to clarify the issues and processes involved in developing sites and/or within precincts that are recognised as having heritage significance. It provides an introduction to sources of information; the heritage assessment process and details required in the heritage report. Download at right.


  • Information Guide - This Guide identifies various types of information held by the Council and the public availability of information types. It explains the manner in which Council will make certain information available and identifies arrangements for access to Council documents. Download at right or Click here.
  • Infrastructure Strategy: The Strategy provides a set of principles, priorities and actions that will allow Council to take leadership in positioning the Blue Mountains for a sustainable future. Download at right.
  • Integrated Plans and Reports: To provide services that meet community needs the Council plans for service provision into the future. The Council prepares a number of plans each year, which provide details of how the Council is responding to community priorities in the short and long term. Click here for more information and to download.
  • Inspections and Signage During Construction: A guide for consumers, buildings and owner-builders. Download at right.
  • Investment Policy: This Policy complies with the Act and ensures it or its representatives exercise care, diligence and skill that a prudent person would exercise in investing council funds. Download at right.


  • Jamison Creek Catchment Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan: This study has been prepared under the direction of the Blue Mountains City Council Floodplain Management Committee in order to manage the flood risk associated with development on the "floodplain" of Jamison Creek. Download at right. 



  • Lapstone South, South Glenbrook and South Blaxland Flood Risk Management Study and Plan: Download HERE.
  • Local Environmental Plans: A Local Environmental Plan (LEP) is the principal legal document for controlling development at the council level. The zoning provisions establish permissibility of uses and standards regulate the extent of development. Click here for more information and to download.



  • Maintenance of Footpath and Nature Strip (Road Reserve) Areas Protocol: This protocol applies to all road reserves in the Blue Mountains excluding some small areas adjoining State Roads. Road reserves contain numerous assets such as footpaths, bus shelters and street trees, along with access points to private properties. Download at right.
  • Maintenance of Unsealed Roads Protocol: This document applies to all unsealed roads on Council road reserves, both formed and unformed, and includes all types of unsealed surface including grass, natural earth, sandstone and gravel, but excluding fire trails. Download at right.
  • Media Policy: The purpose of this policy is to establish protocols and consistent methods for managing communication between the Council and the media, to ensure coordinated, accurate, and reliable representation. Download at right.
  • Mediation Policy: This policy relates primarily to the land use application process and to the facilitation, mediation and decision making roles within Council. It establishes the ground rules and administrative procedures necessary to ensure a successful process. Download at right.
  • Memorials Policy: The aim of this policy is to facilitate the appropriate placement, assessment and development of memorials to significant persons and events in the Blue Mountains. The Public Memorials Policy can be found uner P under the Downloads to the right of this page.


  • Nature Based Recreation Strategy: Council has prepared this Strategy in consultation with key stakeholders to guide the management of recreation on natural areas of the City in both public and private ownership. Click here for more information and to download.


  • Operational Plan: The Operational Plan and Delivery Program” are about the Council's services it will provide and the specific actions that will be implemented for each service in the financial year. The Delivery Program Incorporating the Operational Plan includes the Capital Works Program as well as the annual Budgets, Rates and Charges and the Fees and Charges. Click here for more information and to download.


  • Part 5 Environmental Assessment Policy download on right.
  • Pesticide Use Notification Plan: This Plan has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Pesticides Regulation 1995. The plan sets out how Council will notify members of the community of pesticide and herbicide applications it makes or allows to be made to public places that it owns or controls. Download at right.
  • Pioneer Place Stage 1 Master Plan: In February 2010, the Council resolved to endorse a two stage master planning approach for Pioneer Place. The first stage addresses a prioritised area which includes land directly adjacent to the existing Coles/Kmart supermarket complex while the second stage will address the broader Pioneer Place area and its environs. The Stage 1 Masterplan aims to improve the safety and accessibility of Pioneer Place for pedestrians, cyclists and people with a range of disabilities and impairments through the introduction of enhanced pedestrian links and reconfigured parking and access/egress arrangements, among other things. The Master Plan for Stage 1 was adopted by Council at the 11 October 2011 meeting. Download at right.
  • Plan and Document Guide - Single Dwelling: This guide lists the documentation that is required to accompany a development application (DA) and an application for a Construction Certificate (CC) for works relating to a single dwelling development application.Download at right.
  • Political Donations: In accordance with the Code of Conduct and the Department of Planning, Councillors are required to disclose Political Donations and Gifts when making decisions relating to planning and Development Applications. Legislative changes to the Local Government Act and the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, effective from 1 October 2008, imposes obligations on applicants, those making submissions and decision makers in relation to the disclosure of information relating to reportable political donations and gifts during the planning making or development assessment process. The legislative amendments relate to the disclosure of reportable political donations for State elections and elected members of NSW Parliament, and local government elections and elected members of councils. They are intended to assist in identifying any potential or actual conflict of interest. These disclosures will be made available to the public by arrangement with Council staff. Click here for more information and to download.
  • Privacy Management Plan: Council has adopted a Privacy Management Plan in accordance with the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (the Privacy Act) and the Division of Local Government Model Privacy Management Plan 2013. Download at right.
  • Privacy Statement: Council is committed to protecting your personal information. This Statement outlines Council's practices relating to personal information obtained through access to its website. Click here for more information and to download.
  • Property Policy: The aim of this policy is to facilitate effective management of Council's property assets. Download at right.
  • Public Art Policy: The aim of the Public Art Policy is to enhance the natural and built assets of the Blue Mountains and to reflect its unique character, history and future aspirations. Download at right.
  • Public Interest Disclosures Policy: This policy provides procedures for staff to report wrongdoing in the workplace in accordance with the Public Interest Disclosures Act 1994, and provides protection and support for those making reports of serious wrongdoing. The policy applies to staff only. Members of the public who want to report wrongdoing by Council officers or Councillors should make a complaint under Council’s Code of Conduct. Download at right. 
  • Public Memorials Policy: The aim of this policy is to facilitate the appropriate placement, assessment and development of memorials to significant persons and events in the Blue Mountains. Download at right.



  • Rainwater tanks - Guidelines for Installation of Rainwater tanks on Residential Properties: Document Under Review - Coming Soon.
  • Recreation and Sport Strategy: The Strategy aims to provide Council with clear objectives, principles and rationale to base the provision of sport and recreation services and facilities. Click here for more information and to download.  
  • Road Safety Action Plan: This Plan compiles data from Council, Roads and Maritime Authority, Transport Data NSW and other stakeholders. Download at right.


  • Section 94: Development Contributions Plan: The Development Contributions Plan covers the financial period 2003/04 to 2008/09. Download at right.
  • Section 94: Development Contributions Plan - Community Infrastructure for Lawson Town Centre: This plan enables the certifying authority to impose a condition requiring the payment of a monetary contribution to the Council towards the provision, extension or augmentation of community infrastructure as specified in the Schedule of Works to meet the demands of the development. This plan also authorises the Council to require monetary contributions from development towards recouping the cost of the provision of existing community infrastructure that has been provided by the Council for or to facilitate the carrying out of development and which the development will benefit from. Download at right.
  • Section 94A: Citywide Community Infrastructure Contributions Plan 2015-17: In accordance with Section 31 of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Regulation 2000, notice is given of the commencement of the Citywide Community Infrastructure Contributions Plan 2015-17 (Section 94A Plan) from 1 July 2015. The Plan amends Council’s previous Section 94A Plan which commenced on 30 October 2013. The Plan will apply to all development applications and applications for complying development certificates lodged on or after 1 July 2015. It will also apply to development applications or applications for complying development certificates determined on or after 1 July 2015, even if lodged before that date. Download the Section 94A: Citywide Community Infrastructure Contributions Plan 2015-17, as well as the Section 94A Factsheet, at right.
  • Service Charter: Council is committed to providing quality services and to give customers the standards against which we measure ourselves. Download at right.
  • Sewage Strategy: The Blue Mountains Sewage Strategy states the position of Council regarding sewage infrastructure and sets targeted actions to work towards finding acceptable means by which development can proceed on lots currently excluded by the Priority Sewerage Program of the NSW State Government. Download at right.
  • South Leura Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan: The Management Study and Plan involved a detailed assessment of the flood mitigation options and floodplain management measures. This portion of the study required a detailed damages assessment, using hazard and risk levels determined as part of the Flood Study. Potential property modification, response modification and flood modification measures have been examined and costs and recommendations developed. Download at right.
  • Sports Council - Terms of Reference: Provides information on the Committee's objectives and membership. Click here for more information and to download.
  • Sponsorship Policy: Blue Mountains Cultural Centre and Blue Mountains Theatre and Community Hub. Download at right.
  • State of City Report: The "2008-2012 State of City Report" presents progress made and action taken to date in achieving the Sustainable Blue Mountains 2025. Download at right.
  • State of Environment Reports: Councils have an important responsibility and are required under the Local Government Act to prepare State of the Environment Reports and to show in their Management Plans and Annual Reports how they, as stewards of their local communities, are addressing the issues raised in the State of the Environment Reports. Click here for more information and to download.
  • Statement of Business Ethics: This document is intended to provide guidance for all sectors of the community when conducting business with the Blue Mountains City Council. It helps set the ethical ground rules for all business dealings between the Council and its suppliers including, but not limited to, providers of goods and services, contractors, tenderers and consultants. Download at right.
  • Strategic Waste Action Plan: Council developed the Action Plan to guide the management of waste in our City. Click here for more information and to download.
  • Street Tree Masterplan: The scope of this document has been limited to major roads, town centres and often-used tourist routes. This document provides general guidance for planting on residential streets, where individuals or communities wish to plant their nature strips or verges. A major strategic objective of this Masterplan is to limit the perceived extent of urban development outside the town and village centres on the Great Western Highway by consolidating and extending the indigenous bushland between towns. The contrast that this provides with the avenue planting and partly exotic palette of the town trees intensifies the 'sense of place' which is already an important part of the Mountains’ character. Download at right.
  • Sustainable Blue Mountains 2025: Adopted by Council in 2013 presents the communities priorities and vision for a sustainable Blue Mountains and offers a guide for all Blue Mountains stakeholders, including residents and visitors, community organisations, other government agencies and for Council that points the way for building a sustainable City in the World Heritage environment. Click here for more information.
  • Sustainable Procurement Policy: Council, in recognition of the need to continue to improve our sustainability practices, has adopted a Sustainable Procurement Policy. Download at right.
  • Sydney Catchment Authority - Drinking Water Catchment Regional Plan: To assist councils and government agencies to implement the regional plan, new legislation known as the 'Drinking Water Catchment Regional Environmental Plan" (REP), commences on 1 January 2007. The REP affects planning and regulation of development in these catchments. Any type of development that increases water run off or is a significant change in land use is likely to require a more detailed assessment under the REP. Examples include a new dwelling, addition of bedrooms to a home, a new septic system or market gardening. Download at right.


  • Temporary Fencing (Hoardings) / Barrier Systems: Temporary fencing / barrier systems are generally used to secure work sites. They also contribute to public safety by providing a physical barrier between people and demolition, excavation, construction and maintenance sites. This policy seeks to elevate awareness and give greater guidance to applicants seeking to install a temporary fencing system within the road reserve or on other public land. There are complex and stringent requirements for temporary fencing / barrier systems set out in a raft of Regulations, Codes and Standards. This policy references key standards, overviews the types of fencing and the approval requirements of Blue Mountains City Council. Download at right.
  • Temporary Murals in Parks and Public Lands: This document provides information about Council’s process for approving proposals for temporary murals in parks and public lands. Download at right.
  • Tendering Policy: To ensure that any Tenders called by Council are in accordance with the provisions of Section 55 of the Local Government Act (1993) and the regulations accompanying that Act. Download at right.
  • Tree Preservation Order: Council seeks to control the removal of trees or works which can damage trees through a Tree Preservation Order. An application must be made for all works on trees which are not included in the exemptions listed in the Tree Preservation Order and Local Environmental Plan 2005. Click here for further information on tree removal and management. The Amended Tree Preservation Order may be downloaded on right.
  • Trees and Vegetation on, or affecting Public Property Protocol: This protocol aims to set out the limits of Council's action in relation to trees on or affecting public land. It details how Council will manage the failure or imminent failure, dropping of branches, obstruction of road sight distances, interference with vehicular traffic and many other issues. Download at right.


  • Unreasonable Complainant Conduct Policy: A small number of people who complain to Council behave in ways that go beyond what is acceptable. This behaviour can be aggressive and abusive. These complainants may threaten harm, provide intentionally misleading information, or may withhold relevant information. Some make many unnecessary phone calls, or send many emails, or provide large amounts of irrelevant information. They may insist on receiving services or benefits they are not entitled to, and outcomes that are not possible. They may be unwilling to accept decisions and continue to demand further action although their cases have been finalised and reviewed. This policy, which is closely based on the NSW Ombudsman’s model policy, aims to minimise the impact on Council staff, services, time and resources by setting out a framework of strategies to manage unreasonable complainant conduct. Download at right.


  • Vegetation Management Plan Guide: A Vegetation Management Plan (VMP) is a map based report intended to assist the property owner or occupier in managing their development site (planned or existing) in order to ensure that existing bushland elements on their land are protected from excessive human induced disturbance. A VMP is generally a requirement on sites where there are number of environmental constraints or high level ecological values. It should contain a concise written report (Part 1) and a map or plan drawing (Part 2) of the study area. The Vegetation Management Plan Guide will assist in the preparation of a detailed vegetation management plan. Click here for more information and to download.


  • Waste from Construction Sites - Information Sheet: Important information for demolition and excavation companies, builders, contractors, project managers and property developers. Download at right.
  • Weed Management Strategy: The Strategy describes local weed issues and relates national and state government and regional targets to local weed management. Download at right.
  • Wildlife Protection Area Policy: The purpose of this policy is to establish the grounds for the declaration of a public place, or part thereof, as a Wildlife Protection Area and the process by which the Council can make such a declaration. Download at right.
  • Work Health and Safety Policy: Council is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for all employees. It's objective is to create a workplace which minimises the risk of physical or psychological injury and which is as free as possible from occupational illness. Download at right.



  • Youth Strategy: Council's 'Strategy for Young People 2002-2007' outlines Council's commitment to creating and strengthening partnerships with youth services in order to provide excellent facilities for young people in areas of health, housing, recreation and employment. Click here for more information and to download.