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Petitions have a long and valued connection with government at all levels as a means by which community members and organisations can communicate their views and lobby government authorities. Petitions to Council are not specifically covered by legislation.


What is a petition?

A petition is a written and signed request for Council to do something or to refrain from doing something. Petitions to Council must relate to matters which Council is authorised to determine.

Submissions are different to petitions. A submission is a comment on an issue or a proposal that Council is considering or has on public exhibition. Submissions are usually requested from interested parties such as neighbours to a property with a pending development application. Submissions do not have a minimum signature requirement and are considered as part of the planning process. The information contained on this page does not relate to submissions.


Who should participate in petitions to the Blue Mountains City Council?

Council will accept written petitions from persons that have a direct interest in the Blue Mountains City Council local government area as residents, property owners, business people or some other relevant capacity.

Form and content of a petition

Council will consider a petition which it has been signed by five (5) or more people with at least two (2) different residential addresses.

  1. A valid petition will include a council petition lodgement form (or cover letter) containing:
  2. A clear and concise statement identifying the subject matter of the petition.
  3. The number of pages in the petition and the number of signatures contained within.
    The full name, address, phone number and signature of the principal petitioner (the person lodging the petition).

A petition:

  • will not be in pencil;
  • will be in any legible and permanent written form;
  • will clearly indicate the request;
  • will not be defamatory, indecent or abusive; and
  • will not relate to a matter outside the Council’s powers and functions; and
  • will include a cover page completed by the principle petitioner.


  • each page of the petition will include the petition subject and be signed by at least one person;
  • each person who signs the petition must include their name and legitimate contact details; and
  • a person may not sign a petition on behalf of anyone else, except in cases of incapacity or sickness.

A sample petition, including cover page, is provided by Council to assist petitioners with the format of a petition. This can also be downloaded at the righthand side of this page.

How to lodge a petition

Once a petition is complete, please: 

  1. Attach a Principle Petitioner form (or cover letter); and 
  2.  Post it to: Locked Bag 1005, Katoomba NSW 2780, or deliver it to: 2-6 Civic Place, Katoomba NSW 2780 (Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm).

What happens with a petition after it is lodged?

Upon receiving a petition, Council officers will determine whether a petition is valid, and if so, they will forward the petition to the relevant Branch Manager. The Branch Manager will send an acknowledgement of the petition to the principal petitioner. If any action is subsequently taken as a result of the petition, the principal petitioner will generally be informed of the outcome.

Basic details of the petition will also be included in the précis of correspondence for the next ordinary Council meeting, and the cover page of the petition will be included with the business papers to be tabled at the meeting.


Contact details of persons signing a petition will generally only be used by Council to verify that the signatories qualify as having a direct interest in the Blue Mountains Local Government Area. Petitions addressed to Council would normally be considered public documents and the details contained within a petition would therefore be available for public inspection. Organisers of petitions should therefore not provide guarantees to people signing a petition to Council that their details contained within the petition will be kept confidential.