Blue Mountains City Council


Integrated Planning and Reporting

The Integrated Planning and Reporting framework was introduced by the NSW Government in 2009. Each council in NSW must develop its plans in consultation with community, and identify measures for assessing and reporting progress against the various plans.


Council has completed the process of reviewing and updating its suite of integrated plans, 2017 -2021. Following an extensive community consultation process (November 2015 through to April 2017), the plans were placed on public exhibition in May 2017 for Blue Mountains residents to have their final comment on the City’s integrated plans. Council adopted the full suite of integrated Plans in June 2017. Further information about the process of reviewing and updating the Integrated Plans can be found on Blue Mountains Have Your Say where you may also download the Integrated Plans and Reports.


Key planning documents include:

  • The Community Strategic Plan identifies the community’s priorities and aspirations for the future of the Blue Mountains and presents strategies for achieving that shared vision. Implementation of the plan is the responsibility of all levels of government, non-government agencies, local organisations and the community.


  • The Resourcing Strategy outlines the Council’s resourcing commitment (financial, asset and human) over the next 10 years to implement its responsibilities within the Community Strategic Plan.
  • The Delivery Program sets out the key activities to be undertaken by the Council over the next four years to implement strategies in the Community Strategic Plan, within resources available under the Resourcing Strategy. The Operational Plan is a sub-plan that details the projects that will be prioritised in each year of the Delivery Program.

Key reporting documents include:

  • The State of City Report, End of Term Council Report outlines the progress made by our community and Council in working together to implement the Community Strategic Plan over the previous four-year Council term.
  • The Annual Report provides an assessment of Council performance in delivering on commitments from its annual Operational Plan and four-year Delivery Program.
  • Quarterly Reports are designed to meet legislative requirements for transparency and accountability, and are a regular report to community on how the Council is tracking against its budget and service delivery commitments.