Blue Mountains City Council



Your Bin Collection

Your red garbage bin will be collected with your yellow recycling bin on one week and with your green garden bin on the alternate week. Check the sticker on the side of your green bin to see if it is collected in Week A or Week B; you can reference this against the bin collection calendar. Your recycling bin will be collected on the alternate week to your green bin.

The day of the week your bins are collected is the same. Make sure your bins are out by 5am and are left out until emptied or 1pm.

Download our bin collection calendar from the right hand
Side of this page or call Council on (02) 4780 5000
to find out your collection day.


Check the illustration below to ensure your bins are presented correctly otherwise the trucks may not be able to empty them.


It's a good idea to check your annual rates notice for your bin service against the current Domestic Waste Service: Bin Form. This way you can make sure you're paying for the correct bins. You can also use the form to change from a standard waste service to a n alternative service that better suits your household.

Lost, stolen or damaged bin? E-mail us on or call 4780 5000.