Blue Mountains City Council



Waste Fees and Charges

Open 7 days a week 8am - 4.45pm

Council uses weighbridges at the Katoomba and Blaxland Resource Recovery and Waste  Management Facilities (RRWMF) for the calculation of fees & charges. All fees & charges are  based on the WEIGHT of the waste being discarded.


Council has resolved not to accept waste generated from outside the city. Substantial  proof (Source of Waste Form, bill/invoice/rate notice, drivers licence, development approval  etc) is required.


Where a person using the RRWMF is required to reweigh, a deposit will be payable on entry  to the RRWMF and the vehicle will be weighed on entry and exit. The relevant fee will be  deducted from the deposit and the remainder refunded to the user. The fee required may  exceed the deposit and an extra charge above the deposit may be required.


All charges include provision for the N.S.W. Government’s Waste & Environment Levy ($78.20 per Tonne), and GST, as applicable.

Note: Minimum charge of $32.00 applies where indicated by*



Mixed waste (includes mixed soil/organic waste) $320.00* per tonne
Garden waste (grass clippings, yard sweeping, palm tree fronds, bagged organic
material, weeds & similar organic material that cannot be chipped)
$320.00* per tonne

*minimum charge applies.



Separated timber (treated or untreated) $203.50* per tonne
Tree waste (trunks up to 500mm diameter, branches, prunings) $162.80* per tonne
Large logs and stumps (greater than 3.0m x 0.5m) $167.80* per tonne
Separated bricks, unreinforced concrete, roof tiles, earthenware pipes $203.50* per tonne
Clean fill (no organic/building rubble or rocks - Blaxland only) $87.65*  
Scrap metal and car bodies $0.00  
Waste motor oils $0.00  
Household recyclable materials as collect at kerbside (paper, cardboard, glass containers, ridged plastics containers, aluminum cans, steel cans and liquid paper board) $0.00  

*minimum charge applies.



 Mattresses (single bed, double bed or larger) $25.00 each
Mixed waste containing mattresses $352.00* per tonne

*minimum charge applies.

SPECIAL WASTE (material requiring supervision and/or burial at tip face - eg. Asbestos and carcasses) ACCEPTED AT BLAXLAND ONLY

Special waste able to be buried with other waste up to 1 tonne includes
sheet asbestos
$352.00* per tonne
Special waste requiring separate/supervised burial $365.00* per tonne

*minimum charge applies.


Whole car and 4WD tyres - maximum of 5 tyres $10.00 each
Large whole truck tyres $250.00 per tonne
Large heavy plant tyres (earthmoving or similar) $400.00 per tonne



Service Charge for weighing vehicles $15.00 per vehicle



The following are accepted FREE of charge if source separated/sorted and uncontaminated:

Scrap metal including car bodies Steel cans
Paper & cardboard Liquid paper board containers e.g. milk cartons
Glass containers White goods e.g. stoves, refrigerators etc
All rigid plastic containers from the kitchen, bathroom
and laundry
Aluminium cans
Car batteries Motor oils



Re-Use Shed e-Waste* Community Recycling Centre*
  • Goods to be placed into the
    shed are charged as per
  • Goods out are free 
  • No electrical goods are to be
    placed in the reuse shed
  • Televisions
  • Desktop computers 
  • Laptops 
  • Monitors 
  • Printers/Scanners
  • Computer peripherals
    (printers, keyboards etc.)
  • Gas bottles
  • household batteries 
  • smoke detectors 
  • fluoro globes & tubes 
  • fire extinguishers 
  • liquid paint 
  • motor oils 
  • other oils

*FREE if source separated and uncontaminated

Household Hazardous Chemical Collections are held at certain times through the year.  The dates and times will be advertised in the local paper.