Blue Mountains City Council


Rates and the Domestic Waste Charge

Properties within the Blue Mountains are either residential or non-rateable. All residential property is classed as rateable, whereas other properties such as a church, hall or school etc are considered non-rateable.

Councils are required by law to charge rates in order to provide essential services to local communities to maintain an acceptable standard of living. Council applies a domestic waste management charge to all rateable properties where the service is available.

Council offers a standard waste service that consists of:

  • One small red garbage bin (140L), collected weekly
  • One large green garden bin (240L), collected fortnightly 
  • One large yellow recycling bin (240L), collected fortnightly

Costs for the standard service and other service options are outlined below:

Waste Charges for 2017 – 2018

Domestic Waste – standard service


Domestic Waste – large recycling service


Domestic Waste – large garbage service


Domestic Waste – small recycling service


Domestic Waste – large garbage and recycling service


Domestic Waste – vacant


Vacant Land – EP zoning


Residential – additional recycling 140L bin


Residential – additional recycling 240L bin


Residential – additional garbage 140L bin


Residential – additional garbage 240L bin


Medical exemption waste charge 240L garbage


Medical exemption waste charge 360L recycling


Non-rateable premises garbage only 240L bin


Non-rateable premises recycling only 240L bin



NOTE: All charges are exempt from GST

It’s a good idea to check your annual rates notice and bin sizes against the current Domestic Waste Service: Bin Form. This way you can make sure you are paying for the correct service. You can also change from a standard waste service to an alternative service if that better suits our household.


Do you have to pay a domestic waste management service charge if you don't use the service?
Yes. The Local Government Act 1993 requires councils to levy an annual charge for providing domestic waste management services on all parcels of land for which the service is available, whether or not it is actually used. It is considered that all property owners should contribute to the current and future provisions of waste services.

 For other rates information visit the Calculating Rates and Charges section of this website.