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Batteries, mobiles and light bulbs

In our most recent waste audit from 2016 it’s apparent that households are still throwing hazardous materials into the red garbage bin. The most common hazardous item found in the red bin was batteries, followed by electrical items, clinical waste, chemicals, paint, fluorescent tubes, mobile phones and toner cartridges. These items require extra treatment and expense to protect the local environment.

Blue Mountains City Council provides services for correct disposal of all types of hazardous wastes. Refer to the drop-down menu on the left of this page, or our A-Z of waste and recycling.


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Try using rechargeable batteries to cut down the number of single use ones you need to throw away. If you do have some dead batteries you need to dispose of, here’s a number of options for you to consider:

Katoomba Resource Recovery and Waste Management Facility on Woodlands Road is open 8am – 4:45pm and will accept used household batteries free of charge all year round.

Batteries are also accepted at our four free Chemical CleanOut days so if you plan decluttering your shed or under-sink cupboard, don’t forget to bring your batteries along for disposal too.

If you shop at Aldi, they also have a battery recycling bin located under the packing bench after the check-out.

Visit as there may be other options available to you depending on your location.

Mobile Phones
Do you have an old mobile phone you don’t use? Drop it off at one of our collection points for free so it can be reused or recycled. We also accept phone chargers, phone batteries and other accessories.

Mobile phone drop-off locations:

  • Customer Service Desk Blue Mountains City Council
    2-6 Civic Place
  • Customer Service Desk
    Blue Mountains City Council
    104 Macquarie Road

Our mobile phone collection initiative is run by the Aussie Recycling Program (ARP). The majority of phones are repaired (if necessary) and sent to developing countries for re-use. This allows communities in these countries access to affordable and modern communications. Those mobile phones that cannot be repaired are safely recycled.

Not only is your old mobile phone being put to good use, but the ARP makes a donation to Council’s chosen charity – Clean Up Australia – for every mobile phone received. Clean Up Australia uses this to contribute to their community environment programs.


Light bulbs

Consider changing to LED bulbs if you haven’t already as these last much longer than the old incandescent bulbs. They also use considerably less electricity so can make a difference to your electricity bill. If you do have lightbulbs that have blown, separate them from your other waste and keep in one place. When you’re ready, you can drop them at:

Katoomba Resource Recovery and Waste Management Facility on Woodlands Road is open 8am – 4:45pm and will accept used light bulbs and tubes free of charge all year round.

Blaxland Resource Recovery and Waste Management Facility on Attunga Road does NOT accept light bulbs and tubes unless it’s running a Chemical CleanOut day, please click here for information on the next Blaxland Chemical CleanOut.