Blue Mountains City Council


Compost Hub Trial INFORMATION May 2017

In a recent waste audit, over 26% of waste collected from household garbage bins was food waste that could be avoided or composted. So as part of Council’s commitment to reducing food waste in landfill we are trialing a community Compost Hub program from mid-May 2017 until mid-July 2017. The program will connect non composting households with those that do compost to help divert food scraps from the red bin.

Residents will be able to do this via an online and interactive platform that they can access by following this link. Once registered, residents can pin their location on a map as a Compost Champion or Compost Contributor which then enables them to find each other. Champions are then able to receive food scraps from their local contributors. Once a Hub is set up, Council will provide compost bins to the Champions and kitchen caddies to the contributors.

During the trial, there will be a maximum of 10 hubs across the Blue Mountains. Each hub will consist of one Compost Champion and up to 16 Compost Contributors. Contributors could be from just a couple of households or many households.

A Compost Champion is…

  • part of a household that likes to compost
  • keen to create extra fertiliser for the garden through composting
  • able to receive and use additional compost bins

A Compost Contributor would like to…

  • keep their red bin free from food scraps
  • have a lighter bin to take out on collection night
  • receive a kitchen caddy for their food scraps

Participants will be asked to record how much food waste they are collecting to help Council calculate how much has been diverted from landfill and to evaluate the success of the trial.

Click here to join the Compost Hub!

*This link will take you to the Blue Mountains Have Your Say, where you will need to log in or register to Have Your Say before going to the Compost Hub page and following the instructions there.