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In NSW, speeding remains the greatest cause of death and injuries on our roads, contributing to about 40 per cent of road fatalities.

Speed is also a contributing factor in 38% of all Blue Mountains crashes in 2014 with 25% of crashes occurring on local roads with a speed limit of 50km/h or less.

Unless marked otherwise, speed limits on local roads in the Blue Mountains are 50km/h.
Please drive to this speed or under, depending on the conditions. Areas with speed limits of 40, 60, 70 or 80km/h are clearly marked.

Slow Down and Save Lives
Travelling at lower speeds improves a driver’s ability to stop and avoid crashes. Where crashes do occur they are less severe, especially for children and the elderly.


 Source: NSW Centre for Road Safety. Information on safer stopping distances.


Speed limits and speed cameras
The Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) are responsible for setting speed limits. You can have your say about speed limits or nominate a speed camera via the Safer Roads NSW website.

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