Blue Mountains City Council



School Zone Safety

School zones operate from 8am to 9.30am and 2.30pm to 4pm on all gazetted school days, including pupil free days. Motorists are required to drive at no more than 40kmph through School Zone times on any gazetted school day.

Safety Around Schools
School drop off and pick up time can be a chaotic time for kids, and a time when parents and other drivers may be rushing, distracted or stressed.

Children are particularly vulnerable because they're smaller, harder to see, likely to act unpredictably and more likely to act without thinking or be distracted. They need you to take extra care when driving and parking around school zones.

To minimise risks at school drop off and pick up time:

  • plan for plenty of time and stay relaxed
  • walk from home or park in a less busy street and walk to the school
  • time your arrival to beat the rush
  • remember every trip is a chance to teach your child about safe travel
  • concentrate on driving, ignore your mobile phone.

For more information about keeping students safe.