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Pedestrian Safety

Who is considered a pedestrian?
Pedestrians can be of any age and include people who walk or jog, use manual and motorised wheelchairs, mobility scooters. People using skateboards, foot scooters and rollerblades are also considered pedestrians.

Pedestrian Safety Tips

  • Don’t walk and text. Avoid using a mobile phone or a portable music player, these can distract you from your surroundings.
  • Always use pedestrian crossings or traffic lights.
  • Don’t assume an approaching driver has seen you or that a vehicle will stop for you. 
  • If possible make eye contact with the driver. 
  • At intersections, check for turning vehicles before you leave the kerb. 
  • Watch out for vehicles leaving and entering driveways. 
  • At traffic lights cross only when the pedestrian signal is green do not start to cross when the red light flashes. 
  • Avoid crossing between parked cars or at the front or back of buses. 
  • Wear bright, light or reflective clothing particularly at night or in reduced visibility conditions. 
  • Children up to eight years old should hold an adult’s hand on the footpath, in a carpark or when crossing a road.
  • Children up to ten years and under should hold an adults hand when crossing the road.

Safety Tips for Drivers

  • Minimise distractions and follow the rules on mobile phone use.
  • Slow down on roads where there are likely to be pedestrians.
  • You must give way to pedestrians crossing the road if you are in danger of colliding with them, even if there is no marked crossing. 
  • Older pedestrians need longer to cross. 
  • Children can be difficult to see and can act unpredictably. 
  • Be aware, pedestrians can be harder to see at night.

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