Blue Mountains City Council



Relationship Declaration Service

Council adopted a new service to its residents, a Relationship Declaration Service (RDS), that recognises the partnership status of both same-sex and mixed-sex couples. Under the program two people may declare that they are partners and have this declaration recorded in the Relationship Declaration Register (RDR).

Whilst making a relationship declaration does not confer legal rights in the way marriage does it demonstrates the existence of a de-facto relationship within the meaning of the NSW Property (Relationships) Act 1984 and other legislation. The RDS is the Council means of acknowledging relationships that have not been formalised in any other lawful register.

Council offers a three tier process for persons who wish to apply for inclusion on the RDR:

  1. Relationship Declaration
    Lodging of application, registering of application and production of a certificate organised. Download application form at right or collect from a Council office. Fee $90.00
  2. Witness Relationship Declaration
    As above, with an additional service of a witness of a certificate. Witnessed by the Executive Officer. Fee $110.00
  3. Ceremonial Relationship Declaration
    As with point 1 above, but with an additional service where the register and certificate is pre-organised for use by a registered Celebrant at a ceremony. Fee $150.00

In returning the completed form the applicants should nominate their tier of required services outlined below including applicable fees for each service offered.

The Relationship Declaration Application Form may be downloaded at right.

Some guidelines and considerations for completing the form are outlined below:

  • The Relationship Declaration Application Form must be completed and signed by both partners making the application and lodged in person at the either Springwood or Katoomba Offices.
  • Payment can occur at this time by cash, credit card or EFTPOS.
  • An Electronic Funds Transfer can be undertaken which outlines first person's surname followed by RDR in description field. The email should state the EFT transaction number and the first person's name on the application form in order that your payment can be processed expediently. Alternatively, you may pay by credit card over the phone. Both of these options are available once your application form has been provided in person.
  • Certificates will be printed after payment is made.
  • An appointment should be made for signing of the RDR at a mutually convenient time at the Katoomba Council Office which will take approximately 30 minutes.

Please note the additional requirements if you are under the Age of 18 years.

Privacy Statement

Council acknowledges that all records relating to applications would be confidential under the Personal Information and Privacy Protection Act 1998. However, if you sign the physical RDR your name will be available to other persons signing the register and potentially viewed by guests at ceremonies.