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Town Centre Masterplans and Public Domain

Guided by the community priorities outlined in Sustainable Blue Mountains 2025: Our City Our Future the Council has produced a number of documents which aim to develop and coordinate all aspects of design quality in the public domain.

To date a Street Tree Masterplan and a Public Domain Technical Manual have been published on its website and are available to download from the right hand side of this page.

Council commenced the process of Masterplanning for each of the towns and villages of the Blue Mountains with the production of the Hazelbrook Village Masterplan. This process will continue on a town by town basis over some years.

Masterplanning provides a key mechanism for the identification and coordination of future improvements to to the centres of towns and villages. It is also expected to inform the replacement of existing infrastructure and assets. There is currently no funding allocated to any improvements, but masterplanning is expected to guide the capital works programming of Council and provide a support basis for grants by identifying and prioritising discrete projects.

An integrated and wholistic approach to the function, amenity and character of the towns and villages including parking, traffic circulation, access, safty and urban design is expected to deliver considerable benefits over time.

Street Tree Masterplan
The street trees of the Blue mountains are a major element of the Mountains landscape setting. Whether in the bushland between towns, or as part of the “cultural landscape” within the towns, the trees of Mountains’ streets make a profound contribution to the character and quality of the place. This Masterplan provides technical guidance on species selection, planting and maintenance as well as providing species lists and maps to coordinate themes on all major roads within the LGA.

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Public Domain Technical Manual
The Technical Manual is a series of product and construction details has been developed to guide the development and management of the City’s considerable and varied assets.

It aims to:

  • Establish product and construction standards for the public domain within the city;
  • Limit and coordinate the range of assets to achieve a better standard of urban design across the city;
  • Improve robustness and durability of both products and materials;
  • Improve efficiency in maintenance.

In many instances the sheets included here provide sufficient detail, but in some instances full fabrication/construction details may also be available and these can be obtained via Council’s Urban Designer.

The Technical Manual is updated from time to time and users should ensure that any hard copy is the current edition.

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Hazelbrook Village Masterplan
Hazelbrook is located in the mid mountains and is a small but vital settlement with a shopping centre that can be easily accessed from the Great Western Highway. While the village centre services passing trade, it is an active focus for the community and the improvement in amenity for all was a particular objective of the Masterplan.

Other objectives were:

  • Enhance vitality and viability of the Hazelbrook Village;
  • Enrich the identity of the village centre to better reflect the village’s history and character;
  • Provide a public domain which demonstrates a high quality of urban design that is robust, functional, cost effective and long lived; and
  • Improve and develop ongoing partnerships with the local community.
    This document guides not only Council planning for this centre, but may be useful to the community in informing new development and adapting ongoing management.

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Pioneer Place Stage 1 Master Plan

In February 2010, the Council resolved to endorse a two stage master planning approach for Pioneer Place. The first stage addresses a prioritised area which includes land directly adjacent to the existing Coles/Kmart supermarket complex while the second stage will address the broader Pioneer Place area and its environs.


The Stage 1 Masterplan aims to improve the safety and accessibility of Pioneer Place for pedestrians, cyclists and people with a range of disabilities and impairments through the introduction of enhanced pedestrian links and reconfigured parking and access/egress arrangements, among other things. The Master Plan for Stage 1 was adopted by Council at the 11 October 2011 meeting.

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Pioneer Place Stage 2 Master Plan

Following on from the Masterplan and resultant construction work in Pioneer Place Stage 1 which was completed in July 2014, this masterplan is intended to complete the planning of this urban precinct after the completion of refurbishment of Woolworths, Big W and construction of Coles Marketplace. The chain “Pet Barn” has established in the former Retravision / Video Ezy building which is a significant building to the north of the study area.

Significant public attractants such as the Cultural Centre and Civic Place are linked to Upper Pioneer Place via College Lane which carries pedestrian and vehicular traffic. It will be timely to review this space as many of the new developments have bedded down and patterns of use are becoming established. The various pedestrian laneways that link through from Katoomba St to Pioneer Place will also be reviewed with a view to improvement and activation of these spaces where appropriate.

Pioneer Place Stage 2 consists of car parking that is both on public and private land. The intent with this Masterplan is to provide an holistic plan encompassing both.

Together with those issues there are significant zones in Upper and Lower Pioneer Place where street frontages are not activated. This masterplan will examine the future development potential of those sites.
This masterplan provides a clear framework with recommended actions, staging and indicative costs to inform council’s planning and funding of infrastructure renewal and improvements to the public domain over the next 10-15 years.

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Springwood Town Centre Masterplan

The masterplan provides a vision for the Springwood Town Centre. It will provide guidance for the development and management of public spaces and Council assets. It will also guide public and private development in the centre.

Springwood Town Centre is located to the south of the Great Western Highway, 30km east of Katoomba and 17km west of Penrith City. Springwood is classed as one of the two district centres in the Blue Mountains; the nearest towns are Valley Heights and Faulconbridge each within a 2km range to the East and West respectively. Springwood is located within the Blue Mountains City Council and is one of the few towns in the Local Government Area [LGA] with a centre located off the Great Western Highway.

The Springwood Town Centre study area is defined by Hawkesbury Road & Macquarie Road to the east and Ferguson Road & Homedale Street to the west, The Great Western Highway to the north and Springwood Avenue to the south.

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Blackheath Village Centre Masterplan

The Masterplan focusses on the public domain – streets, footpaths and Council owned  land – of the village commercial precinct and its links to adjacent key precincts. The core village centre where retail and commercial services are concentrated exhibits a level of intensity and vitality requiring a higher degree of planning, design, maintenance and servicing to achieve optimal amenity and function for both residents and visitors.

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