Blue Mountains City Council


Population Profile, Forecast and Social Atlas

Blue Mountains City Council offers access to a suite of interactive tools that can be used to help understand current, historical and future population characteristics of the Blue Mountains Local Government Area and its townships.

The following population tools are designed to assist the planning and decision-making of community groups, businesses and government organisations, and to inform students, researchers and the general public about what is happening across the Blue Mountains as a whole, in individual townships and in Council Planning Areas.


·           Community Profile
Find out what our population is like now and how it has changed in recent years.
The Community Profile presents a comprehensive socio-demographic profile of the Blue Mountains and its townships. It contains results from the most recent Censuses of Population and Housing, benchmarked against Greater Sydney, NSW and Australia. It enables analysis of population characteristics for different geographic areas and includes historical data to show how these characteristics have changed over time.


·           Social Atlas

View interactive maps of socio-demographic data.
The Social Atlas presents Census data in its most compelling form – as a series of thematic maps that show how particular population groups are distributed across the Blue Mountains. There are over 90 individual maps, each representing a community of interest. This graphic representation enables planners to quickly and accurately assess the demand for service provision to target populations. 

·           Population Forecast

Find out how our population is likely to change between now and 2036.

The Population Forecast tool is a comprehensive demographic forecast that shows how the population will change based on current assumptions, including planned residential development activity. It helps council staff and community organisations understand the likely outcomes of current population trends and enables confident, informed decision-making for the future.


Information generated from these web-based tools can be used to supplement your own documents by directly exporting the charts or tables, if desired, or by downloading the data to perform your own analysis. You can be confident about the quality of the information as it is derived from Australian Bureau of Statistics data, analysed and presented by .id, the population experts, and funded by Blue Mountains City Council.