Blue Mountains City Council


Volunteer Graffiti Removal Groups

Council currently support 4 volunteer graffiti removal groups which remove graffiti from private / commercial property. To contact these coordinators to have graffiti removed please call:  

Katoomba / Leura Contact Tom Colless - phone: 0418 274 751 or Email: or Katoomba Chamber of Commerce via (Note: this group removes graffiti from commercial property in Katoomba and Leura CBD only)
Mid Mountains (Woodford, Hazelbrook, Lawson and Bullaburra) Contact: Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre 4759 2592
Springwood and Faulconbridge Contact Jenny Kroonstuiver (Rotary Coordinator) 0400 760 094 or email:
Lower Mountains (Warrimoo, Blaxland, East Blaxland, Mt Riverview, Glenbrook, and Lapstone) Contact Lower Mountains Neighbourhood Centre 4739 1164


For more information about the Volunteer Graffiti Removal Program or to volunteer please contact: Patricia Lane-Gonzalez, Towns Centre Coordinator on 02 4780 5691 or Email:


Our volunteer graffiti removal groups are looking for new volunteers to help with their important work!

Blue Mountains City Council supports the work of these volunteers and encourages interested people to get involved. By getting involved you will:


  • contribute to improving your local area;
  • learn new skills; and
  • meet & work with people from your local area.


If you’re interested please contact your nearest volunteer graffiti removal group to register:


Katoomba / Leura          Katoomba Chamber of Commerce              4782 1111

Mid Mountains              Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre       4759 2592

Springwood                  Springwood Rotary                                   0400 760 094

Lower Mountains          Lower Mountains Neighbourhood Centre    4739 1164  


NOTE: All new volunteers must undertake training prior to participating in any graffiti removal.