Blue Mountains City Council


Busking and Street Theatre in the Blue Mountains

Busking and Street Theatre in public places adds to the character and culture of a town however it can also presents some challenges to community safety and amenity.

Where is Busking and Street Theatre allowed?

Busking and street theatre are permissible activities in most public places within the Blue Mountains as per Council's ‘Local Approvals Policy'. Which can be found here.

In locations that busking and street theatre are permissible, No application or notification to Council is required.

When performing buskers and street performers are to ensure that:
• there is 2.5 metres available for pedestrians to pass.
• they do not affix any item or object to, or mark or draw on, the footpath.
• They do not use public address systems or amplifiers.
• The immediate area is left clean and tidy and kept clear of hazards.
• They exercise good risk management practices at all times so as to avoid injury or loss to others.
• Money is solicited only by placing a receptacle on the ground
• Money is NOT solicited by asking members of the public for money or by approaching the public for the purpose of selling goods.

Where is Busking and Street Theatre not allowed?

The following locations may NOT be used for busking and street performances:
• The Echo Point precinct, Katoomba;
• Within 5 meters of a bus stop , pedestrian crossing, taxi stand or intersection;
• any area adjacent to residential premises, a school or place of public worship;
• all parks and reserves, except with Council’s written approval;
• areas designated by Council signage or where the activity has the potential to create a nuisance or a hazard to pedestrians or vehicular traffic.

Buskers and street performers should be aware that:
• if they busk or perform in the locations where these activities are NOT allowed, they may be subject to action by authorised Council officers or the NSW Police.
• If they cause a nuisance, offence or obstruction in locations where these activities ARE allowed they may also be subject to action by authorised Council officers or the NSW Police.