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Explorers Tree

Located on the western side of the Great Western Highway at the base of Pulpit Hill are the remains of a tall eucalypt known as Explorers Tree. It is reputed to have been the tree into which Blaxland, Wentworth and Lawson carved their initials during their 1813 crossing of the Blue Mountains; a supposition that has been greatly debated over the years.
One of the earliest public mentions of the tree occurred in 1876 in the Sydney Mail in an article titled “The Tree, Blue Mountains” The description stated;
The tree is about one mile south easterly from the old Pulpit Hill Public House… It stands directly on the side of the old Blue Mountains Road; and although thousands of travellers have passed by without noticing it, it still stands a living memento of the first attempt at inland colonization, and the letters WL are plainly observable within the blaze marked sixty three years ago.
This article appeared with a sketch showing the tree with the initials WL located on the Western Road. At this time the tree appeared to be alive.
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