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Direction Signs
Direction Signs

Direction sign placed under street sign.




Council provides direction signs in roads and streets and public places in accordance with Development Control Plan 21. Direction street signs include Traffic signs, Street name signs, Tourism signs and signs to Council operated facilities.

Signs to non-council facilities can be approved and installed by Council, provided they are paid for and maintained by the organisation requesting the sign. Examples are schools, churches, state-owned facilities, child care centres and other publicly or privately operated facilities.

Council does not generally permit direction signs for private businesses unless it is a significant business generating over 100 vehicle movements per day. Some guest houses, backpacker's accommodation, major resorts and tourist attractions may qualify for a direction sign. If the sign complies, Council provides and installs the sign and the business is required to pay for and maintain it.
Business Direction signs have been established by Council at some locations of high visibility near the approaches to towns and industrial areas. Names of businesses can be added to these collective signs, depending on the space available.

Where a non-council organisation or business requests a direction sign, details must be provided on the back of the application form by the applicant. Council will then consider the application, make modifications where necessary and offer the applicant a quotation. If the offer is acceptable and when due payment is made, Council will provide and install the sign.

Please note: If the sign becomes damaged or faded it will be the responsibility of the organisation to contact Council and arrange replacement of the sign at the cost of the organisation.