Blue Mountains City Council

BMCC Aboriginal Advisory Council

In September 2010 Blue Mountains City Council resolved to endorse the membership of the then First Peoples Advisory Committee. The appointment of the Advisory Committee members was the result of a broad engagement process with the local Aboriginal community. In 2013 new committee membership was endorsed and the committee was re-named the BMCC Aboriginal Advisory Council (AAC).

The AAC provides advice to the Council on matters that are significant to the Blue Mountains Aboriginal community, with the Council also seeking advice from the AAC when there are matters important to the Council that involve the Aboriginal community.

The AAC has been established to provide: 

  • An opportunity where Aboriginal peoples voices can be heard on issues relating to the Councils polices, plans and services and Aboriginal Communities needs and priorities;
  • A robust communication mechanism, between the Council and the Aboriginal communities; and 
  • A meaningful engagement and relationship between the Council and the Aboriginal communities.

In December 2013 the Council endorsed the AAC’s Strategic Plan 2013 -2016. One core value of this plan is ‘Looking After Country’ through the development of an Aboriginal Land Management Program (ALMP). Through the ALMP the Council in partnership with the AAC aims to engage and consult Traditional Owners with regards to Council’s land management programs that serve to protect and interpret Aboriginal cultural heritage sites, and the natural area values that are important in maintaining a cultural connection to Country.

The agreed interim schedule of works for the 2014/15 ALMP can be downloaded here or on the right side of the page.

The AAC meets a number of times per year at different venues in the Blue Mountains LGA. If you would like more information about the AAC or to contact this committee please email:  

Downloads (located on the right side of the page)

> Aboriginal Land Management Program (top 2 downloads)

> Aboriginal Land Management Program 2014-2015 Interim

> Community Information Bulletin First Peoples Advisory Committee

> BMCC Aboriginal Advisory Council Terms of Reference

> BMCC Aboriginal Advisory Council Strategic Plan 2013-2016