Blue Mountains City Council


Historical Background

Council took over control of cemeteries from trustees (excluding those on church property) in 1967, following the introduction of Local Government Control of Cemeteries Amendment Act 1966, where the responsibility for the care control and management of cemeteries outside the Sydney Metropolitan area was transferred to local Councils.

This was a necessary measure as active interest by local trustees had long since ceased. Prior to 1967 the cemeteries were either administered by community trustees or by church trustees. Due to the number of trustees involved many of the cemetery records are incomplete, missing or incorrect prior to 1967.

Several surveys and research projects have been undertaken over the last 15 years in an attempt to improve the integrity of the information however despite this work our records will never be completely correct nor will the identity of many occupants of graves be determined.


Conservation Management Plans have been prepared for each of the cemeteries managed by Council. These detail the heritage and conservation values for the monuments and landscapes within these cemeteries. The Cemeteries Conservation Management Plans can be downloaded from the attachments at the right hand side of this page.


For more specific historical information please refer to Council’s Local Studies section at Springwood Library on 4723 5044.