Blue Mountains City Council



Bushland Ash Placement

Council now has the option of ashes placements, within beautiful bushland settings, available at Blackheath and Springwood cemeteries. 

At each site, an ashes walk runs through intact bushland allowing placement of ashes beneath trees and alongside native flowering shrubs.

Springwood Cemetery: the walk is on the left as you drive in the main entrance

Blackheath Cemetery: the walk is through the central bushland area

The ashes walks paths have distinctive marker stones to show their entry points; they are easily accessed and have kerbs which are numbered, indicating the placement sites for ashes.

The idea behind the ashes walk design was to provide a resting place that draws on the natural beauty and peacefulness of our unique Mountains surroundings; providing you with another choice for burial within our cemeteries. To maintain the natural bushland feel, the only memorabilia allowed on the walks is the plaque on the kerb.

The serene setting creates an ideal spot for a memorial to celebrate the life of someone dear to you and allows you to have a focus for your grief. It’s a place where you can go alone, or with family and friends, to observe an anniversary or just to reminisce.

Each plot is indicated by a number on the kerb; once it is occupied will be covered by a memorial plaque. 

You can visit the ashes walks at any time, selecting one or more plots for purchase, ensuring you and your loved ones are interred together.  Reserved plots will be indicated by an ‘R’.

The ashes walks plots are offered at the same rate as other ashes-placement options, as is the placement service.  Plots can be acquired through your funeral director or directly from Council.