Blue Mountains City Council



Burial Licence

A Burial Licence is the reservation of a grave plot in a cemetery on behalf of an individual. The Council or the Manager, upon payment of the appropriate fee, issues a Burial Licence giving the exclusive licence to a burial in one or more specified allotments of the cemetery. Most cemeteries have some denominational sections and some choice as to which row a grave plot may be purchased in however Council has final say on the location of each burial licence. 


Under Council’s Cemeteries Policy Document, a Burial Licence can only be purchased in conjunction with a funeral, either on an on demand funeral or pre-pay funeral, except in the case below:


  • To accommodate the desire for family members or loved ones to be buried adjacent to each other, an additional burial licence can be purchased adjacent to a licence being purchased in conjunction with a funeral.

Further details on Burial Placements and Burial Licences can be found in the Cemeteries Policy Document which is attached as a download on the right hand side of this page. 


A Burial Licence may be transferred or transmitted and the Council or the Manager shall record any transfer or transmission upon satisfactory proof of the right of the claimant to be regarded as the transferee of successor thereto. The holder of the Burial Licence must supply the original Burial Licence certificate, full details of the name and address of the transferee and a written declaration to the effect that they no longer have any interest in the reservation to be transferred and relinquish all rights to that reservation.


A Burial Licence may be surrendered back to Council and the usual process is to refund the amount paid minus an administration fee. Council is not obliged to refund monies on surrendered Burial Licences.