Blue Mountains City Council



Ashes Placement

For the placement of ashes, Council has options in:

  • Columbarium Walls at Springwood, Katoomba and Faulconbridge cemeteries
  • Ashes Gardens at Katoomba and Springwood cemeteries
  • Terraced Gardens for ashes at Faulconbridge cemetery – only reserved plots remain available 
  • Bushland Ashes Walks at Springwood and Blackheath cemeteries
  • Ashes may be scattered in a variety of public lands. More information on acceptable sites is within the Cemeteries Policy document on the right hand side of this page.

Ashes Plots can be reserved in advance in Columbarium Walls, Ashes Gardens or the Bush Ashes walks. A fee applies.

Placement of Ashes in a Grave

Application can be made to have ashes of a relative placed in an existing grave plot. The application forms are available at Council’s Springwood or Katoomba Office.

Council may permit the use of a grave plot for the interment of cremated remains (ashes). The placement of ashes in a grave is subject to the following conditions: 

  • all placements are carried out by Council;
  • a fee will be charged in accordance with the adopted fees and charges schedule. N.B. any grave with an interment date previous to 1981 will incur the current maintenance charge. Where placements are being done in a new (not previously used grave plot) the full costs associated with a normal interment of a casket will be applied (ie perpetual care, grave marker, grave fee);
  • where ashes are being placed in an existing grave or in a Burial Licence, the owner of that grave or burial right or in the event they are deceased, the written consent of the rightful successor must be provided;
  • in the instance of multiple placement of ashes in a grave, Council may restrict the placement of monuments to a single headstone/plaque;
  • if a casket is intended to be placed in the grave containing cremated remains, the owner of the grave should ensure that the executor of their will is informed of the presence of those ashes and Council is given appropriate notification to that effect when arrangements are made for the interment of a casket;
  • where monumental work exists over a grave where ashes are to be placed, Council will endeavour to place the ashes at the base of the headstone to avoid the necessity to remove monumental work. If this cannot be achieved, the family will need to make arrangements for the removal of the necessary monumental work, at cost to them; and
  • application for the interment of ashes in a grave must be on the prescribed form and the appropriate fee accompanying that form.


Scattering of Ashes on public land

Council also has a policy for Scattering of Ashes on public land. This can be downloaded from the Cemeteries Policy document on the right hand side of this page.