Blue Mountains City Council


Animal Registration

From July 2016 the NSW Companion Animals Register is going “self-serve”

It will now be called the NSW Pet Registry and can be found at:  

On this website you can:


  • create your own profile and link it to your pet’s details
  • update owner details like addresses and phone numbers 
  • pay Lifetime Registration fees with Visa or Mastercard
  • list your pet as missing or deceased
  • transfer ownership from one person to another

If you do not have access to the internet you can continue to do these things at your local Council using paper forms but for many pet owners the online access will be quick and convenient.



Microchip Your Pet


The Companion Animals Act 1998 makes it compulsory to microchip all puppies and kittens by 12 weeks of age and registered by 6 months of age. Any dogs or cats who change owners need to be microchipped and registered. Microchipped animals are registered on the NSW Companion Animals Register. Owner information needs to be kept up to date. Contact Council if you need to change any details.

How Much Does Registration Cost?

Lifetime registration on the NSW Companion Animals Register is available from Blue Mountains City Council. This is a one off payment and the animal is registered for life, anywhere in New South Wales.

Current Registration Fees (as of 1/7/2017):

  • $201 for undesexed dog or cat
  • $55 for a dog or cat owned by a registered breeder that is kept for breeding purposes
  • $55 for a desexed dog or cat
  • $23 for a desexed dog or cat owned by a pensioner
  • FREE for an Assistance Animal or Working Dog


Microchip Number, Address, phone and contact details need to be provided in writing to the local Council. You can use the forms from the Office of Local Government website below. Fill them out and return to Council.


Why Should I Register My Companion Animal?

  • Owners of pets wearing identification are notified when their pet is being held at an Animal Care Facility.
  • Often pets with registration are redeemed to their owners by Animal Control Officers in the field instead of being detained at the Animal Care Facility.
  • It's the law!


For more information email Council or phone (02) 4780 5000.