• Council and our community partners in the Local Drug Action Team have recently received $20,000 for a Peer Support Project for young people to avoid drug and alcohol abuse.  This project will be rolled out over the period, until June 2019.
  • Council, in partnership with the Department of Education and our local schools, are currently delivering "Mental Toughness Training" for teachers, principals and other staff to support the development of resilience in young people in our high schools.
  • Council and the Stronger Families Alliance are currently conducting consultations (using the "Harwood Model") with young people on the issues of safety, wellbeing and resilience to inform our collective work public space design and services.

Some of the key issues that young people are telling us are important to them are:

  • Opportunities for education and learning.
  • More employment opportunities in the Mountains.
  • Affordable housing and homelessness.
  • Quality of the environment and its value for maintaining mental and physical health.
  • Safety on our streets, townships and transport.
  • More events and cultural activities for young people.

Our priorities for activities and support for young people include: 

  • Providing facilities and amenities for youth services to operate and young people to meet.
  • Maintaining and upgrading playgrounds, play equipment and sports fields.
  • Supporting a range of youth participation projects, working with other Council staff to provide assets such as accessible sports facilities, and partnering in events like Youth Week and the Katoomba Live and Local micro-music festival.
  • Coordinating and working with community groups and services so that young people have opportunities to connect. These including the Stronger Families Alliance, Mountains Youth Services Team, Platform Youth Services, NSW Health, NSW Department of Education, NSW Police, Blue Mountains Community Drug Action Team and the Linker Network.
  • Supporting the Blue Mountains Youth Council with their activities and community project.

What do you think Council could be doing to support young people? 

We would appreciate your thoughts on the above priorities and can provide further information. Please contact us.

Council's Community Development Officers – Young People
Ryn Vlachou 
T: 4780 5546 

Kristy Lenon 
T: 4780 5680