Council-commissioned study – aircraft noise in natural areas

In mid-2017, Blue Mountains City Council commissioned Marshall Day Acoustics to undertake a study into contemporary practices for measuring and mitigating the impacts of aircraft overflight noise in natural areas.

The Council is concerned about the impacts associated with the location and operation of the planned Western Sydney Airport, including the potential for overflight noise to detrimentally affect the amenity of the Greater Blue Mountains area where quiet environments and natural soundscapes are highly valued. The intent is for Council to use the findings of the study when evaluating alternative operating strategies and potential future impacts associated with the planned Airport.

Download a copy of the guidelines

To support the findings in the Guidelines, a noise monitoring field study was also undertaken.

Download a copy of the Noise Monitoring Report

Independent Acoustics report 

Report title: Assessment Of Measured Aircraft Noise Levels Under The Existing Flight Paths Of Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport With Reference To Western Sydney Airport
Report prepared by: Eric J. Ancich PhD, FIEAust, CPEng, MIABSE, Chartered Professional Engineer

The study raises questions as to the reliability of noise level predictions in the EIS for aircraft noise impacts on other areas affected by the WSA as it appears that the variability in height of arriving and departing aircraft was not considered in the EIS.

(Note: This report was prepared independently of Blue Mountains City Council. It was made available to the Council by the authors in the interest of community awareness of the potential impacts of the Western Sydney Airport on the Blue Mountains LGA).

Download the Independent Acoustics report