Grevillea subsp. acanthifolia    

Swamp Grevillea

Found only in the higher parts of the Blue Mountains, Grevillea acanthifolia grows in prickly thickets in the damp peaty soils of hanging swamps. The flowers are arranged in a 5-10cm long upright ‘toothbrush’ towards the ends of long branches.

Silvery-pink, softly hairy buds open to long up- right styles which may be pink or red. Although the flowering season is from spring to summer, individual blooms may be seen at any time of the year.

After pollination by honeyeating birds, two seeds develop in a boat-shaped, thin-walled follicle which retains the remnants of the style as a tail. The deeply divided leaves with ultimate wedge-shaped lobes, have sharp points and down-turned edges.

They are arranged alternately on tough branches which may be low spreading or dramati- cally upright to 2m.

Family: Proteaceae

Kids Activity Trail

•    Did you know this plant has toothbrush like flowers at the end of the long branches?
•    Honey eating birds and insects enjoy the nectar of Grevilleas

Image Credit: VICKI SKEEN Grevillea acanthifolia (Swamp Grevillea) 2000, carved sandstone, 95 x 45 x 150 cm, Wentworth Falls Lake Sculpture Project, Blue Mountains City Art Collection