Patersonia sericea    

Silky Purple-flag

Bright violet to mauve flowers supported on long stalks which rise from a grassy tuft of leaves are a distinctive feature of this perennial herb. Each flower, which has three large, and three small spreading petals, is surrounded by 30mm long, brown bracts.

Individual flowers are given only one sunny day of glorious colour, though colonies of plants bloom in succession from late winter to spring. Rare white flowers are a special find. The flower stem is 30-50cm long and silky towards the top.

The many 2-3mm long waxy brown ridged seeds are enclosed in a 15-30mm long cylindrical capsule.

Each slender green leaf is 30-60cm long, flat to cylindrical and upright or spreading. Lower margins are lined with dense hairs. This Patersonia is frequently encountered in open-forests, woodland and swamp edges.

Family: Iridaceae

Kids Activity Trail

•    Did you know this bright violet to mauve coloured native iris only flowers for one day?
•    Can you spot any grassy tufts of green leaves growing nearby?
•    Pollen collecting insects visit the flowers and carry out pollination
•    These plants are propagated from seed

Image Credit: ROBYN AUSTIN Patersonia servicea (Silky Purple Flag) 2000, carved sandstone, 120 x 95 x 105 cm, Wentworth Falls Lake Sculpture Project, Blue Mountains City Art Collection