Acacia elata    

Cedar Wattle

One of the loveliest Acacias, it achieves graceful heights of 18m in sheltered valleys particularly on the edges of rainforest. The cedar-like leaves are 30-40cm long and a light yellow when young.

Described as bi-pinnate, they are twice divided into 3-5 pairs of pinnae, then 10-20 pairs of pinnules. The upper surface of each 5cm long pinnule is glossy green and paler beneath. Individual flowers have 4 or 5 tiny petals and numerous pale yellow stamens.

They gather into globular heads of up to 50 flowers. Then up to 60 heads join in axillary clusters to put on a spectacular summer display. The straight seed pod is up to 15cm long and 14mm wide, and dark grey to brown in colour.

As with other leguminous plants, the pod splits on both sides to reveal a row of plump seeds, each joined to the pod by a stalk or funicle.

Family: Mimosaceae

Kids Activity Trail

  • Do you know what plant Australia’s National floral emblem is?
  • Have you discovered any fallen seed pods around the tree close to these sculptures?
  • Did you know that bees and other insects seeking nectar pollinate the flowers? The sweet sap is a favourite food of sugar gliders

Image Credit: ALEXIS APFELBAUM Acacia elata (Wattle) 2000, carved sandstone, 46 x 120 x 56 cm, Wentworth Falls Lake Sculpture Project, Blue Mountains City Art Collection