Take a walk and discover the carved sandstone sculptures in the park.

Created in 2000 as part of the Wentworth Falls Lake Sculpture Project, each sculpture depicts the seed pod of a native plant that can be found around the lake. 

About the Project

The Wentworth Falls Lake Sculpture project began with the idea to create the first of several sculpture parks throughout the Blue Mountains, with permanent and changing artworks on public land. Sculpture parks or indeed any other art in public spaces are signposts of artistic communities, local involvement and pride.

Public art in general enhances the natural or built environment, takes art out of the Gallery and into the open, for everyone to enjoy and interact with. The Blue Mountains was nominated for World Heritage Listing, for its natural beauty, and at the same time became the ‘City of the Arts’, due to its large and varied arts community.

As a response to both, it was an obvious choice to use sandstone as a medium, and carving as a technique, to draw attention to the importance of native plants and the role they play within our environment, our culture and our heritage.

View a video about the creation of the Wentworth Falls Lake Sculpture project

Do a Kids Activity Trail  More questions are listed in each of the sculpture content pages below

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This project was funded through the City of the Arts Project and Blue Mountains City Council. We acknowledge the artists, New South Wales Government - Ministry for the Arts, Blue Mountains Organic Community Gardens and Nepean Community College for their contributions.