Waste and Recycling Requests

Below you can find our waste and recycling forms and applications for download.

You will need Adobe Reader to complete the fillable PDF Forms.

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To use the PDF fillable forms, on PC or MAC:

  • Open the form in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. This means you may need to save it to you desktop, right click > open with > Adobe (Acrobat or Reader). All fillable fields and signature box will be active and be able to be completed.
  • If you open the form in a new tab in your internet browser – STOP. You will not be able to fill in the PDF form correctly and we may NOT be able to see any information you have entered. You will most likely be unable to sign the form as well, in this mode.
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    The Domestic Waste Service Bin Form is to be completed if you need to make changes to any of your bins at home (red, yellow or green). This includes:

    • Replacement of bins that have been lost, damaged or stolen;
    • Changing a bin size; 
    • Requiring an additional bin or removal of an existing bin; or
    • Requiring a new set of bins (Occupational Certificate required)

    The following people have authority to complete this form:

    • Property Owners
    • Landlords
    • Property Managing Agents

    If you are a tenant, please contact any of the above people to compete and submit the form.

    If you are completing this form because your bin needs replacing, you will need to either:

    • Complete a Statutory Declaration – if the bin went missing during the collection period (5pm the previous day until 5pm on collection day);  


    • Pay a replacement bin fee  if the bin went missing outside of the collection period

    A statutory declaration needs to include relevant details and be witnessed and signed by an authorised person. This is usually a Justice of the Peace, notary public or Australian Consular Officer. Check here to help find a Justice of the Peace.
    Completed forms can be returned:

    • EMAIL click the submit button (electronic signature required)
    • In person at Council’s Katoomba or Springwood Office.
    • Post to Locked Bag 1005, Katoomba, 2780