We oversee 170 walking tracks networks, with a length of over 120km. 

Notifications of closures, track changes and upgrades are listed on this page.

(Update: 6 July 2020)

Recent bush fires have left significant hazards and damaged infrastructure in Council reserves.  As a result, the following closures are still in place:

Mt Victoria / Mt York

  • Coxs Road
  • Lawsons Long Alley
  • Lockyers Track
  • Campground, day use area
  • All cliffs, climbing & recreational areas north of Barden Lookout
  • Soft Parade and all climbs on the eastern side of Mt York Rd 
  • Mount York Rd remains closed past Barden Lookout

NB: Barden Lookout and climbing areas south to the Historic Wells have re-opened


  • Popes Glen Reserve 
  • Pulpit Rock Reserve

Mt Wilson

  • Chinamans Hat/Pheasants Cave Loop walk

CLOSED: Charles Darwin Walk, Wentworth Falls

Due to flood damage and associated hazards Charles Darwin Walk, Wentworth Falls is temporarily closed until further notice.
Click here to view the map. 

CLOSED: Leura Cascades, Tracks and Picnic Area

Due to recent storm damage and associated hazards the Leura Cascades, Tracks and Picnic Areas are temporarily closed until further notice.

Prince Henry Cliff Walk (from Echo Pt to Gordon Falls) is open, however visitors are advised that track conditions have changed as a result of high rainfall, storms and flooding. Infrastructure has been damaged, tracks may be slippery and wet. Minor flood debris may obstruct tracks and trip hazards encountered.

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PARTIALLY CLOSED: Fairy Bower track, Mt Victoria

Closed due to bridge collapse. Access to Boronia Point and Cox's Cave is still open at Mt Piddington.

ROAD CLOSURE: Katoomba/Leura

Cliff Drive, between Merriwa St Katoomba and Jersey Avenue Leura

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These areas will remain closed until they are safe for the public to re-enter. It's very important to stay out of burned bushland areas as there are a range of serious dangers and hazards. Trees damaged by fire may be dangerous and fall down or drop branches and limbs, and structures such as bridges, steps and safety railings may also be damaged and unsafe. 

Council is currently working on the assessment and ‘making-safe’ of roads and reserves, which must occur before these areas can be re-opened.

For information on the Blue Mountains National Park go to https://www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au