Current Request for Quotes

Quote Reference Description Closing Date Enquiries
2018/19-W959-102 Design Consultancy Services for Inclusive playground at Glenbrook Park  2pm Wednesday 13 March 2019

Rick Harris

2018/19-NCW 07 Request for Expression of Interest (EOI)
Establishment of Panel of Surveying Consultants
2pm, Wednesday 6 March 2019 

Graeme Paterson


Echo Point Precinct Security Upgrade 2pm Wednesday 20 February 2019

Rob Fallon

2018/19-W154-998 Design and Construction of Great Blue Mountains Trail from Leura Cascades to Kiah Lookout 2pm Wednesday 20 February 2019

Sally Thompson

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Please be aware that the lowest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted. And late tenders will not be accepted. 

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