Blue Mountains City Council

Tree Management and Removal

10/50 Vegetation Clearing law

Information about the the new Rural Fires Amendment (Vegetation Clearing) Act 2014, known informally as the 10/50 Vegetation Clearing Act, introduced by the NSW Government on 1 August 2014, is available here.


An application is required to remove or prune a tree when the tree:

  • is above 4 metres in height, or
  • has a branch spread of more than 4 metres, or
  • is a heritage item or part of a heritage item, or
  • is within a heritage conservation area, or
  • is listed on Council's Significant Tree Register (which is available for inspection at the office of the Council), or
  • is part of landscape planting required by a development consent.

Different provisions apply to properties within Local Environmental Plan 1991 and Local Environmental Plan 2005. To determine which LEP applies to your property, click the link to view Council's interactive maps HERE

For the purpose of these applications, a tree is defined as:

  • a long lived woody perennial plant with one or relatively few main stems, being of any species whether indigenous, exotic or introduced and that is 4m or more in height and/or has a crown spread of more than 4m, or
  • any tree or plant, irrespective of size, listed in a Register of Significant Trees or Register of Heritage Items, being registers kept at the Office of the Council.
  • any hedge on a street frontage having a height of more than 1.5 metres located within land zoned Local Environmental Plan 1991 and 2005.


The fees for a Tree Removal / Pruning Application are $110.00 for up to 3 trees, $130.00 between 4 and 6 trees, $150 between 7 and 10 trees and $180 for 11 and 20 trees, and $230 between 21-25 trees, per property Over 25 trees, Development Application fees apply. The permit is issued for a 12 month period.

Council's Development Control Plans (DCP) provides a list of noxious and environmental weeds in the Blue Mountains. Click HERE to view the DCP.


For further information, please contact Council's Katoomba Office on (02) 4780 5000.

Tree Removal Application and Street Tree Planting Guide documents may be downloaded at right.


Please note that unless trees are unhealthy or unstable and have the potential to fall on a dwelling, Council does not generally approve the removal of tree/s on vacant properties to facilitate a future development application. In those cases, the proposed tree removal should be included as part of the future development application.


Downloads (available to download from the right)

  • Blue Mountains LEP & DCP Extract: Preservation of Trees or Vegetation ( 394.0kb)
  • LEP 2005 Tree Preservation cl. 54 ( 117.5kb)
  • LEP 1991 Tree Preservation Order ( 48.8kb)
  • Tree Removal Application ( 143.8kb)
  • Street Tree Planting Guide ( 13.2kb)
  • Street Tree Masterplan: Cover & Contents ( 522.4kb)
  • Street Tree Masterplan: Section 1 - About Trees ( 35,962.6kb)
  • Street Tree Masterplan: Section 2 - Town Strategies ( 5,998.8kb)
  • Street Tree Masterplan: Section 3 - Town Species Maps ( 1,610.8kb)