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LEP 2005 - Maps

Blue Mountains Local Environmental Plan 2005 Maps

The maps for Blue Mountains Local Environmental Plan 2005 use a three-panel approach. This approach is taken because of the amount of information needed to be conveyed to plan users that relies on a geography or spatial application. Each panel (Panel A, Panel B, Panel C) shows the same geographical extent, which is why there are 35 map sheets covering the LEP 2005 area. However, this also means that someone may only need to refer to one or two maps for a local area. The panels used are as follows (refer to clauses 7 and 8 of LEP 2005):

Panel A - Zones, Precincts, Provisions;
Panel B - Protected Areas;
Panel C - Heritage and Special Uses. 

IMPORTANT: Please note that these maps, while they replicate the statutory maps held in the offices of Council, are not statutory maps for the purposes of clause 7 or the definition of "the Map" as contained in LEP 2005. These maps sheets are provided as a convenience to plan users in good faith, but plan users are advised to refer to the maps held in the Council offices for the statutory version recognised in LEP 2005.

Environmental Management Plan 2002 Maps

Supporting studies and research were undertaken to assist in the development of LEP 2005. These studies and research are contained the supporting document Environmental Management Plan 2002 (EMP 2002). As part of this document a series of maps was also produced and publicly exhibited with Draft Local Environmental Plan 2002. As these resources are still useful, Council is providing these maps on this site too (download at right). The maps for EMP 2002 comprise three series for each of the 35 maps used in LEP 2005. Each of these map sheets also contains three panels as follows:

EMP 2002 Map Series 1
Panel D - Infra-Red Aerial Photography (December 1999);
Panel E - Environmental (Significant Vegetation, Watercourses);
Panel F - Slope.

EMP 2002 Map Series 2
Panel G - Current Heritage;
Panel H - Current Zone Compilation (LEP 4 / LEP 1991);
Panel I - Character.

EMP 2002 Map Series 3
Panel J - Sewer (See Note 1 below);
Panel K - Zoning (Draft LEP 1997);
Panel L - Public Lands.

Note 1: The sewer maps shown on Panel J were current as at 1996. Certain upgrades to the sewer network have occurred since these maps were published. Map users are advised to get up-to-date information from the Sydney Water Corporation regarding the current capacity and location of the reticulated sewer network. As this data had been supplied by a third party, Council does not accept responsibility for any loss as a result of any individual or other party relying on the currency of this information.

About the Map Sheets

Map Sheet - Index Map Sheet
The Index Map shows most of the Council area, and the respective map sheets that make up this series. Its role is to show the extent of the area not otherwise covered by the individual LEP 2005 map sheets (as per Clause 2 of LEP 2005).

LEP 2005 / EMP 2002 Map Sheets
The Map Sheets downloads enable you to choose a map sheet by clicking on the area of the map covered by LEP 2005 / EMP 2002. You would then be linked to a list of the map sheets available for the partcular sheet you had chosen.