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Local Environmental Plan (LEP)

What is a Local Environmental Plan?
A Local Environmental Plan (LEP) is the principal legal document for guiding and controlling development at the local government level. Through zoning and development controls, an LEP contains provisions which allow councils and other consent authorities to manage the ways in which land is used. LEP's are prepared by councils and made by the NSW Minister for Planning. The process to prepare an LEP is governed by the NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act).
What LEP's apply to the Blue Mountains?
There are 4 Local Environmental Plans for Blue Mountains City Council's Local Government Area:
  • Local Environmental Plan 2015 Made 21 December 2015 and commencing 15 February 2016. This LEP replaces most of what was zoned Local Environmental Plan 1991 and Local Environmental Plan 2005. This LEP does not apply to those sites identified as Deferred Matters from this LEP. This LEP does not at the moment repeal any of the other LEPs below.
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Please see the Frequently Asked Questions page for information specific to the commencement of LEP 2015 including deferred matters.
  • Local Environmental Plan 2005 Gazetted 7 October 2005, replaces Local Environmental Plan No. 4. It also replaces certain provisions and zones of certain lands that were partly zoned Environmental Protection, Residential Investigation and had constraints under Local Environmental Plan 1991.
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  • Local Environmental Plan 1991 Gazetted 27 December 1991, re-zoned certain areas that was non-urban and was rural and environmentally significant.  LEP 1991 can be downloaded at right. 
  • Local Environmental Plan No. 4 Gazetted 3 December 1982, initially zoned urban areas. With the gazettal of Local Environmental Plan 2005, only certain land that is designated a Deferred Matter is still subject to this Plan. LEP No. 4 can be downloaded at right.
To view our zoning maps, please visit interactive mapping HERE. Please note that until 15 February 2016 that the zoning maps will not reflect all LEP 2015 maps.
Each of the LEP's consist of a written document that defines zones, land uses within zones, subdivision controls and development standards relating to heritage and environmental matters. The LEP's also include maps that show how properties are zoned.