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Interactive Mapping

Blue Mountains City Council (BMCC) offers Interactive Mapping as a tool for residents to use to look up land, properties, zoning, topography as well as a number of other LEP layers. This software may assist in Development Applications as well as planning and general interest. This tool is an updated and modern replacement for the existing mapping software and allows a more user friendly experience.



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There is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) download with user instructions for some of the most commonly used functions.



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The Interactive Maps application has been developed to provide Internet users with property search and mapping capabilities, for localities within the City of Blue Mountains Local Government Area. Information available in the Interactive Maps is extracted from the City of Blue Mountains Geographical Information System (GIS) and Property system.

While considerable care has been taken in the preparation of the interactive map information by the City of Blue Mountains and its data suppliers, there may be errors or omissions in the data presented, also, some matters are not shown here e.g. Easements, Rights of Way. Accordingly before you make any decisions on this information you should discuss them with your legal advisor. Accurate information can only be assured by your legal advisor making formal and specific searches through various Government agencies including Council.

The data available is supplied solely for informational use. Digital or printed copies of maps must display the following copyright notices:

© Spatial Services 2017

© City of Blue Mountains 2017

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If you experience problems when using the Interactive Maps please forward an email with a description of the problem and Subject as: BMCC Interactive Maps, to