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Mountain Landscape
Mountain Landscape

Maximising the potential of the created landscape.

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Mountain Landscape

There are literally hundreds of definitions for 'sustainable', but the basic idea is that if something is sustainable it can keep going indefinitely.
Sustainable landscaping is about maximizing the potential of the created landscape while minimizing the negative impacts on the existing landscape. It is about designing landscapes to maintain and enhance the new ecology created when buildings are constructed.

Sustainable landscaping can be employed to create shade, enhance or frame views, provide privacy from surrounding buildings or bushfire protection, or to compliment the local streetscape. It can include such diverse approaches as creekline restoration, salinity control, urban runoff capture and treatment, or permaculture practice.

Through the creation of ecological diversity on a localised scale, sustainable landscapes can contribute to restoring and maintaining biodiversity. An indiginous garden requires much less watering and provides a link between your home and the ecosystem in which you live.

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