Blue Mountains City Council

Macroinvertebrate Surveys

Council's Aquatic Monitoring Program provides scientific information on the health of our aquatic ecosystems and helps to guide on-ground management in our catchments.

The monitoring program uses a range of physical, chemical and biological indicators to gauge the health of our waterways. Aquatic macroinvertebrates (water bugs) tend to be the most useful indicators, as:

  • Their presence or absence represents water quality over their entire lifespan, not just at the moment of sampling.
  • They reflect changes in physical habitats, including sediment deposition and altered hydrology.
  • They reflect changes in biological interaction such as the introduction of pest plant and animal species.
  • They are found in almost all waterbodies.
  • The type, number and diversity of macroinvertebrate Families present can indicate what stressors may be acting upon a given aquatic system.

Council staff carry out in-house identification of Macroinvertebrates, data analysis and reporting.

How healthy are our waterways?

7th Australian Stream Management Conference - Full Paper

"Bifenthrin pesticide contamination: impacts and recovery at Jamison Creek, Wentworth Falls." - this paper can be downloaded in full from the righthand side of this page.