Blue Mountains City Council

Leura Falls Creek Catchment
Leura Falls Creek Catchment

is an example of a highly urbanised catchment that flows into sensitive areas including the Blue Mountains National Park and Sydney’s Drinking Water Supply.
A report on the condition and management of this catchment can be downloaded below.



Living Catchments

Council adopts a whole of catchment approach to its environmental management program in recognition of the interconnectivity of all the components of our 'living catchments'.

From our swamps, which act like the kidneys of the environment, storing, filtering and purifying our water to our woodlands and forests, which are the lungs of our environment, cleansing the air and providing homes to the birds and the animals, to our creeks and streams, which feed our waterfalls and waterholes, to our towns and their inhabitants which live in them, our catchments are like living interconnected organisms.

Council is working with your Environmental Levy to implement a whole of catchment environmental management approach to help restore and maintain our 'living catchments' in a healthy state into the future.