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Protect Creeks and Waterways
Protecting Your Creeks and Waterways
Weeds & Restoring Wildlife Habitat
Controlling Weeds and Restoring Wildlife Habitat
Improve Walking Tracks & Lookouts
Improving Local Walking Tracks and Lookouts



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What is the Environment Levy?

The Environment Levy is a charge on ratepayers of around $43 annually (less than $1 per week), that Council collects from each property to fund projects that protect, restore and improve our local environment.   The Levy raises around $1.5 million a year, and was introduced in 2005 after extensive consultation with our community. It runs to June 2015.

Your Environment Levy at work

Your Environment Levy is helping to deliver clean, clear waterways, healthy bushland and great local walking tracks. It does this by funding these Council activities:

  • Monitoring pollution in local creeks and waterways
  • Controlling weeds
  • Restoring wildlife habitat
  • Protecting rare and unique plant and animal species
  • Building and maintaining local bushwalking tracks, lookouts and picnic areas
  • Developing local environmental education programs
  • Working to improve Council’s own environmental performance

Council and the community working together

Council is responsible for thousands of hectares of bushland and hundreds of kilometres of waterways. Many of these areas are well-loved for their great natural beauty, rare and special wildlife and Aboriginal and European cultural history.

Our community plays a vital role in helping to protect these special places. Through the Environment Levy, we support over 500 dedicated community conservation volunteers across Bushcare, Landcare, Streamwatch, Trackcare and Bush Backyards

Current Environment Levy-funded projects

Glenbrook Lagoon Restoration Project

Aquatic Monitoring Program

Living Catchments

Walking Tracks, Reserves and Campgrounds

Why do we need a Levy?

Our City enjoys a world-class environment that deserves special care. Not only are we a City within a World Heritage-listed National Park, visited by 3 million people a year, we also sit within a drinking water catchment area servicing more than 3.7 million people.

With the help of the Levy, Council is working towards clean, clear waterways, healthy bushland and great local walking tracks for our City, for now and into the future.

Delivering value for money

Council is committed to using the Environment Levy to deliver the best possible value for money in looking after our environment. We do this in three ways:

  1. Using sound research and expertise to prioritise where dollars are spent for maximum effect
  2. Maximising partnerships and co-funding opportunities (For every Levy dollar spent in 2013, we attracted 30-40 cents in additional State and Federal government funding.)
  3. Collecting fees for commercial activities on Council reserves. This money is then reinvested back into improving local walking track and lookouts.

Want to know more?

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Download a Fact Sheet: Environment Levy 2005-2014 (6MB)
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